Thursday, June 25, 2015

What a day yesterday.
One thing that has always puzzled me running my own business for years is this... I can do the same quality, same effort, same price on a job and one customer will love my work but another will complain it isn't done right. I am sure anyone running a business could relate.

So that's how my day started, an email from a customer complaining.

Are you aware of this?
Then I head to the post office to mail a copy of my book “Hey Gang Ready! Ready to Go-Go?” to Stuff's Restaurant in Wisconsin Dells who ordered one. May as well plug the book and Stuff's while I'm at it.

I told the mail clerk I wanted to send the book Media Mail. I have been using media mail since the 90's sending out collectible magazines and books. Back then the only question asked, that's if it was even asked, was is it a book or printed material? Its far different today, I complained about this in a previous blog post.

The list of questions have gotten much longer using media mail. The clerk now asks does your package contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous and instead of giving a simple no as in the past you now have to mark a box on an electric key pad stating so. But wait that's not the worse part.

I was also asked twice any letter or correspondence with the book? I replied no because this time there wasn't but usually I include a note about what is being sent or if its a gift a greeting. Then she warns me mailing media the package can be opened and inspected. I said WHAT? Yes we randomly open media mail to inspect the package. I asked how is this allowed you can't open someones mail? She mumbled something like this is not considered standard mail.

I don't care what the reason is and I don't know how long this has been happening, this is just wrong. Is anything secure or safe any more? Are we preparing for a war?

And now onto my car parts argument.
I ordered online an axle for my lil' Daewoo which may have seen the end of its life.

The name of the store is Auto Parts Warehouse. Their call center is in the Philippines which I don't mind too much as they do speak English clearly. I had them ship the axle directly to my mechanic.
Well it was the wrong part.
The mechanic didn't care it was the wrong part he charged me. And I understand why. He removed the old axle, tried to install the wrong axle, put back on the old axle and it tied him up for a few hours.

I immediately called Auto Parts Warehouse to complain, get the correct part and be reimbursed for their mistake. They apologized and apologized again when they realized they don't carry my axle. No matter what I said it didn't matter. They will only reimburse $20 for the mechanics charge.

I argued at length repeating again and again you don't even carry my part, you sent the wrong one and you won't reimburse me for the full charge from the mechanic?

Well today in my inbox is 5 different emails, one for a return label, one where to complain, a survey on how the service was, an apology and the corporate office address which will hear from me.

From arguing I went to...

In with the new out with the old!
There is an area west of Cleveland in Avon called the French Creek District. I don't frequent the area often in fact its been more than a few years. The reason for my visit was to find more stores willing to carry my book and also place brochures of the newly opened Antiques and Uniques of Wickliffe. A lot of antique collectible markets promote each other.

I was in shock. French Creek is still labeled as historic but why? I didn't recognize it.
French Creek has become so sterile, scrubbed of its personality with corporations creeping in.
Most of the antique shops seem to be gone and some of the old building removed and replaced with newer structures.

Another place that I use to enjoy shopping is gone. I went there many times during their Christmas candle walk. A real fun holiday event wonder if it still happens and if it does what it would be like.

As I always say – Progress has gone to far.

Better days ahead I am sure but until then boo hiss.

Gotta Go-Go!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Willoughby Cruise In and Thank You Alex

Hey Gang,
What a fun time at the Willoughby Cruise In. Out of all the car shows and cruise ins this is my fav.  They close Euclid Ave., cars are parked all over, most shops and stores are open and it has two stages with bands at each one, just a great summer event.

The number of cars dropped this year. Not sure if it was because rain was predicted and some got spooked. They expected 500 vehicles with about 10,000 in attendance but I don't think it hit those numbers.

One thing I didn't like this year was the quality dropped and there were to many new cars that looked factory. Why they were allowed in I don't know. But what I really liked was where I parked the best spot I ever had at this show. I was parked in the center of the park. The Go-Go Bus looked perfect in the grass and under the trees.

I felt bad for Cassie, Walt's daughter. For her 16th birthday Walt bought her a really sweet '68 Mustang. She was so excited. Unfortunately Cassie parked next to the Go-Go Bus. The Go-Go Bus attracted everyone to it with no one noticing Cassie's clean ride. I am not bragging but usually it is a crowd favorite because it is so different.

I did quite well with book sales at the show. So many people asked do you actually take trips in this? I responded with... Well to answer your question YES in fact I wrote a book about my travels, handed the person my book and that led to sales.

I was a bit annoyed at one point. I walked a way from the Go-Go Bus only to turn around and see people in it. One little kid who was jumping about with her Mom watching, two young boys  and two teen girls were acting as if it was a playhouse. What is with people?

I like to thank Alex. Sometimes I have a brain malfunction and go blank. My axillary battery must be bad because it is not holding a charge. I was disappointed that it was getting dark and no one could see in. Alex comes up to me and says well why don't you start it and charge the battery? Um yeah why don't I? Gee what a simple solution. Hey sometimes it takes an Alex to figure these complex things out.

I was to busy with everything so only took a few photos. That's all.

Gotta Go-Go!