Thursday, July 30, 2015

Willo True Value Hardware

Hey Gang,

Yes it was an eventful Wednesday. Very good and downright awful.

The good... My book "Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?" is now available at Willo True Value Hardware in Willoughby. Tell friends who may be interested in seeing a copy before buying.

And those who have been wanting to get a copy a new shipment arrived on Monday. Just email for details.

Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Oshkosh B'Gosh

Well I threw caution to the wind and took off. I have the Daewoo in the shop waiting for me to deliver the fuel pump, I have the Go Go Bus at a garage. My rental is in need of repairs and I have things to do for the cleaning business. OH and car shows to attend to promote my book. The family on the other hand is not too happy. But thats another story.
So we are off to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the worlds largest air show. 10,000 aircraft will be there. Time we left was 9:30 pm now it is 3:39 am and we are stopping to sleep. Living the hi-life at a Marriott Suites or sleeping the hi-life. Thats all for now.

Well we slept in Later than I thought, Walt usually wakes up way to early. Had a quick breakfast and off we went. We dropped Ruth off at a friends in Milwaukee. Right off the freeway exit was a group of preteen to early teen black kids selling bottled water. Walt asked how much? They were a buck each. He bought two bottles. Two kids came running over. One took Walt's money while the other tried to weasel in on the transaction. The first kid said don't give him the money he doesn't work with us. I love, it free market capitalists at work. Made me feel good that in the inner city where I am sure welfare is rampant that these kids took to making an honest dollar. The water was a bit but quenching I just hope it wasn't hot.

We stopped for lunch at a place called Schreiner's. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We loved it. Their menu advertises scratched prepared meals like Grandma used to make. What we ordered was so good we believe it. My fish patty sandwich was incredible, Walt's salisbury steak was delicious and the root beer looked like real beer, golden yellow in color. The real treat though was the throwback look of the place. A clean family restaurant that looked like a restaurant with waitresses wearing white waitress uniforms. Love it!

Walt got us rooms at LA Quinta I won't say the price per room but let me tell you, they jacked up the price majorly because of the air show.

The air show is overwhelming. When Jimmy told me half a million people would attend I misunderstood him. I thought he said a million half people would attend. I thought it was the worlds largest gathering of midgets. Instead its the worlds largest fly in air show. They estimated number for attendance is 500,000. Not sure if per day for the weekend or the entire week. People come from all over the world not just within the US. We were riding the tram to get around and the gentleman sitting next to me was from Charleston WV. He said he has been coming for 10 years and always stays the entire week of the show but he still never sees everything he wants. Incredible. Someone else told us they think the air show covers 1,000 acres. 10,000 planes gather. Wow!

That's all for now. Gotta Go-Go! Carey

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hey Gang, Hey Gang is now available at.....

Hey Gang, I have been busy promoting and knocking on doors getting "Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?" on store shelves.

Here is an updated list where the book can be purchased at:
Fireside Books Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Macs Backs Coventry
Wickliffe Antiques & Uniques
Wickliffe Floral Barn
Comic Heaven Willoughby, Ohio
Fudge Caboose Girard, Pa.
Local Roots Ashland, Ohio
Old & New Beginnings Emporium Greenville, Pa
Sands RV Madison, Ohio
SKCA Sports 'N' More Geneva on the Lake
News Depot 724-588-4201 Greenville, Pa

It warms the cockles of my heart that people all over are reading about the spinning spatula and my other stories.
Thank you for all your support.
Book 2 and 3 may still be a reality. Now doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart?

PS: If you know of a store near you that may be a good fit for Hey Gang! let me know and I will do the rest. I mean you can rest I will do the work just let me know.

Gotta GoGo!!