Thursday, December 30, 2010

Careys pants and the preacher

Hey Gang, I wanted to write a lot more but I am leaving at 8 am for Frankenmuth Michigan with Walt and his family & friends so will quickly only write about my pants and the video I just placed on my website.

Before I left for the Philippines I took my new jean shorts to the tailor to sew velcro on the pockets. I was so freaked about what everyone told me, be careful, pick pockets, thiefs, watch your wallet, your back etc...... So I thought with velcro on the pockets it will keep them closed and my passport and wallet would be safe.

Only one problem. There are two sides to velcro. The stiff side and the There are two sides to velcro. The stiff side and the soft side. The lady tailor sewed the rough side on the outside of the pocket, I didn't notice this when I left but quickly found out the hard way. Everytime I reached in my pocket it tore up the back of my hand to the point of scratches and blood.

I finally quit using the pocket and carried a shoulder bag to hold my wallet and passport.

Well Ruth and I went to her brothers church where he preaches. The sermon was about storing up your treasures in heaven. And yours truly was used as an example about someone worrying about possesions here on earth.

Without telling you more just go to and click on the VIDEO link on the left. I have added the sermon. Make sure you watch part 2 where Pastor Jun uses me as an example and demonstrates my pockets. Did you follow that?

While you are there look at the clip Carey and Ruth take a trike ride. Gosh I look like jet lag and more hit me. But its silly Carey at my welll not really best forget that thought, just watch it to see what the Philippines looks like.

Gotta GoGo!!