Saturday, November 10, 2012

Are you taking time out

Hey Gang,
5 weeks ago Dad was rushed back to the hospital.  They said it was congenative heart failure.  It didn't look good.  The family rushed to see him, friends came and 3 days later he wanted pizza (typical wop).  He improved so much they sent him home. 

Now the meaning of this posting.

  Even though I had plenty to do getting the yards and cars ready for the upcoming winter I made sure somehow to spend some time with Dad.  I didn't take for granted he healed and went about doing my daily living.  I took time out.

 I told the parents the night before I will be taking them out for breakfast but didn't tell them where.  In the morning I loaded the car with a grill, coffee, apple cider, bacon, eggs, bread and headed with the parents and Ruth to the park for breakfast.  We hit it just right.  The day was warm, sun was out, the colors of the woods, just beautiful.  We had a nice breakfast and everyone knows food always tastes better in the great outdoors.  It perked Dad up and made great memories for the future to look back on. 

It's little things like this that make life enjoyable and with no regrets.  If there is someone in your life that you need to spend some time with - well are you?

Take time out.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

thee only debate that matters

Message flagged Sunday, October 21, 2012 1:44 AM 9 PM Tuesday, October 23 An Honest Presidential Debate 

On September 19, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation announced that Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Virgil Goode have each agreed to participate in a presidential debate on October 23, Tuesday, at 8 pm central time. (9:00 PM Eastern Time. Reform Party candidate, Rocky Anderson, has agreed to participate since then. Free & Equal is sponsoring the debate. The Republican and Democratic nominees are also invited but it is very likely they will not attend. …

Free & Equal invited every candidate who was either on the ballot in states containing a majority of the electoral vote, or who have registered at 1% in a national opinion poll.

The event will be at the University Club of Chicago. Larry King will be the moderator. You can watch it on CSPAN 2 and other media or with other Libertarians and patriots beginning at 8:00 PM at StringZ and WingZ 1543 Route 303, Streetsboro.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

hawk - water - omelet

It was so scary today what happened. I was in my backyard talking with my neighbor Fred. We heard this weird noise it almost sounded like a propeller. We turned around just in time to see a HUGE hawk chase a pigeon straight into Fred's house. The noise the pigeon made was an ugly loud THUD. Feathers flew all over and the pigeon dropped into the drive dead.

Fred went to look at it. I told him get away because the hawk was making such a noisy fuss from a large tree in the back of his yard. I thought for sure it would swoop down and attack him for his food.

Fred walked away and I hid so I could watch what the hawk would do. It came down, landed on the fence, looked in all directions, swooped down and took the pigeon away.

A strange sighting to see a hawk in the suburbs. We never had them before.

Free Water
I should of posted this tip during the drought of this past blistering hot summer but keep it in mind for future reference if we should have such dry weather again, which I am certain we will.

There was no way to keep up watering everything. I had to protect the garden and a few plants but the rest like the roses, bushes, grasses and trees were left alone to face the heat.

Mid summer I saw all this water drip from the air conditioner. I thought hey why not collect this to water the plants so I put a bucket under it. Then I thought about the water from the sink. So I put a large pail in the sink and every time I rinsed a dish, ran the water to drink, brushed my teeth and any other reason I collected the water. I was amazed how much water I wasted in a day. I was running outside at least 4 times a day emptying the 3 gallon bucket.

Then I started saving any left over coffee, flat pop, spaghetti water, any kind of water. Let me tell you, it helped save some of my plants. Should of done this from the start of the season my grass might of been saved also.

What are we eating???

Since I went to the Philippines I became even more aware of the stores in America that serve nothing but chemicals disguised as food. And restaurants may be the worse culprit of this practice.

I went to Denny's with a few friends during a lunch break, umm snack break at about 3 am. I ordered the omelet. When it was first served hot it tasted so good. But as I got to eating it and talking to much it cooled down and noticed my stomach was not feeling the best. I was in a hurry anyways so quit eating and had the omelet, the rest of my hash browns and toast put in a to go container.

I got home about 6 am. Before walking in the house I said to myself I ain't going to eat this so I emptied the container on my porch for the birds to eat it.

I woke about about 1 pm to a blistering hot day. I went to the porch and all the potatoes were gone, so was the toast but there sat the cheese omelet still in its original shape. The cheese didn't melt but what was stranger than that was not a bite was taken out of it by the birds, chipmunks or squirrels. And even more strange, not one ant was around it. I picked it up and it didn't bend or drip. It did leave a big stain on the porch though.

What was that omelet made of? Plastic??

Monday, September 10, 2012

4 A. Labor Day weekend, Africans, Buddnark and More

Sunday was another OK day. I forgot I won tickets to the Irish Festival at the Lake County Fairgrounds. All this culture, African, Irish, Budnarr what ever culture that is. I had two tickets but went by myself. Just getting out as I was parking was a car from out of town. He saw the Bus and said Wow that is cool. I asked if he wanted a ticket he said sure. They drove all the way up from Columbus about 150 miles away to attend what they thought was the Oktoberfest. I walked away as they were still squabbling about it. Later on I found out the Oktoberfest was at the Berea Fairgrounds about 40 miles away. German fest Irish fest what's the difference both have beer besides at least they now had one free ticket.

These cultural fests are turning into real bland generic events or simply American. I thought I stuck out amongst the pale face but not as much as the ladies manning the coffee and snack booth I bought from. The lady asked do you want SHOE GAR? Awww, you must be Filipino. Yes I am. Shoe gar is sugar. I learned that from Ruth.

But whats weirder than an Italian buying coffee from a Filipino at an Irish fest? A Hawiian doing his native dance. All I could think of was the Irishman who set up the entertainment at the time had to be drunk.

I didn't stay long my sister and niece we waiting for me to go to Geneva on the Lake. More culture, bikers culture.

Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

3. Labor Day weekend, Africans, Buddnark and More

I met up with Walt at his reunion. Everyone Walt talked to he would introduce me this way: This is Carey, my wife couldn't make it so he is my date. I had enough of that real quick so I went over to where you signed in and lo and behold just what I was looking for a name tag, Gary Buddnark, that should work.

I slapped it on and rejoined Walt. Hey Gary I remember you, you use to wrestle. I did? I was into science. Oh come on you wrestled. Well one time I wrestled the teacher. Are you guys trippin? You were pretty good at wrestling. I'm sorry I had brain damage and don't remember much maybe I wrestled.

Another lady thought I was sick because she remembered Gary as being taller and heavier. And then she blurted out OH YOU ARE NOT GAR BUDDNARK! Yes I am. You know why I know? Because that's his best friend right there he told me. I walked over to this guy who was just laughing at me and said hey best friend so glad to meet you. They showed me Gary's photo in the year book and said you know I guess you could sort of pass for him. After some small talk and info on Gary and I ran with it.

Next person who came up to me I made a routine up. Hi remember me, I use to wrestle, my brothers did to, I was sick that's why I am thinner. It was a riot. The best was a lady who earlier in the night Walt introduced me to but before I wore the name tag. She saw us again and said hi to Walt and noticed my name tag. Gary Buddnark??? Now I am confused. You are Gary? Yes I am Gary. Huh? Was your brother here? Yep and he looks just like me. OK now that makes sense.

I even took a few photos for their school reunion with the name tag on. I wonder if it will make the booklet?

About an hour later the lady sitting with Gary's best best friend ran up to me and said give me the name tag, the real Gary is here. OUCH! I think its time to go. No come with me and you can meet him. When Gary saw me he made a fist like he wanted to knock me out. But my wit beat him. I hope I did you well, I told everyone I was an excellent wrestler. They even took our photo together.

Before I left I walked over to Gary's best friend and said I feel sad, I feel like I just lost my best friend.

Hey memories were made. Who knows at the next reunion, maybe I will get an invite or fill in for Gary if he can't. At least they will have something else to talk about... remember the two Gary's at our last reunion.

2. Labor Day weekend, Africans, Buddnark and More

 Julia my Kenyan friend invited me the day before to an east African gathering in the park and Walt called to remind me of his 30th school reunion he wanted me to attend with him.

 A huge car show with free food and free everything in exchange for an African outing and a school reunion because of a magnet. Did I mention the magnet already? What a trade off. Don't laugh this is real but now I am glad the magnet got stuck but Gary Buddnarrk I'm not so sure. Who's that? I'll get to him.

This is the email Julia sent me:
Please join The Ohio Association of East Africans (TOAFEA) for a fully charged afternoon of fun events and tantalizing food at North Chagrin Reservation. We will be at the Strawberry picnic area. Let's get together to celebrate with refreshments, great food, good friends and a goat barbeque. Pass the message along to all your friends from the East African Community.

I told my friends where I was going and said I will just tell them I am the white sheep of the family. I'm glad I went it turned out to be a fantastic time. It gave me a glimpse of what it is like for foreigners to come here and some of the hardships they face in settling and getting acclimated. The organizer of the event gave a short speech what the group was all about. The one thing that stood out was when he said we are here for many things and if you need to be bailed out of jail we are even here for that. He went on to explain when someone asked him what exactly he meant. This is for if you have a bad day and run a red light or something like that but not for criminal activity. I wondered if all foreigners face this or just Africans or people of color? OK maybe that observation was to political for this story.

The food they had was wonderful. I won't even try to tell you what I ate because I don't know. All I remember was the goat, some kind of beef and spinach. Delicious. There are only so many foods.  Most nationalities eat the same thing but its how the food is prepared and what seasonings used. I really enjoyed what I ate and had a fun time conversing and learning new things.

 I asked the lady at our table what part of Africa she was from. She looked at me kind of strange and said I AM AN AMERICAN do I look like an African? Uh - how do you answer that? So I quickly thought and said sometimes I assume the wrong thing. NEXT.

As I was leaving I told Julia I brought the GoGo Bus wanna a ride? We walked to the parking lot and I asked see if you can find the purple bus. She replied I think I can see it. I hope so. Julia and her friend climbed in and I drove them around the duck pond and back. Instead of leaving them at the parking lot I drove right up to where everyone was gathered. Before I could even open the door there was a rush.

What is this thing? One kid asked do you sell ice cream? Another kid wow this is a house on wheels. So it was another trip around metro and the count was I think 7 on board.

  I had an ideal spot in mind to show them - Squires Castle.  Everyone thought I was just joking, they didn't think there was an actual castle.  Well - surprise surprise surprise when they saw it and it was just perfect timing when we arrived. The castle sits atop a hill, it was a little after dusk, just enough light and circling over the castle were... bats. Serious! We had a great time walking around the castle and just acting silly there and driving back to the picnic. 

I dropped them off but felt bad because another group wanted a ride. Oh well had to leave, it was time to meet Walt.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1. Labor Day weekend, Africans, Buddnark and More

It's been a learning process that has taken me years to learn that if something goes wrong that's my luck um yes but that's not what I wanted to write. If something goes wrong just go with the flow and see what comes up or where you're led and most of the time things will turn out OK.

This past Labor Day weekend I planned on attending The Glenn Christian Ox Roast car show. I wanted to enter the GoGo Bus. It hasn't been used much in way over a year and was sorely lacking in sparkle from just sitting. So I worked in earnest all week like a nut to bring it up to show condition. And then it happened.

Now don't laugh because this is the truth. A magnet got stuck on the GoGo Bus. I know what you're thinking... well that's what a magnet should do, but not like this. I mean it got stuck. It cost me a set of fingernails and a chip in the paint to remove it. It was Mom who came to the rescue and said try a wooden popsicle stick or I may still be out there. In the end that stupid magnet cost me over a hour and a half.

Why didn't I just leave it? Well it was a fairly large American flag magnet and when I went to remove it to wax the Bus only half came off. How could anyone show a vehicle with half a US flag and one that was crooked, it had to come off.

About that lost hour and a half... Registration for the car show closed at 7pm Friday. I am one hour and 20 minutes away. I pull out of my drive go to my sisters down the street, leave there, look at the time it is 6:20. And then reality hit me, even though it is the GoGo Bus it really is the go slow bus. I never would of made it so I turned around and went back home. It was that darn magnet that cost me. Friday was a bust but the rest of the weekend actually turned out grand all because of that magnet.

Stay tuned.....
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beaver Creek, Buttermilk Falls and Fish

Dov called and asked hey do you want to go on a road trip I need to see trees, I need to get out of the city. He mentioned a few places like Hocking Hills but it was to far for the amount of time we had. I thought about Leesville, Ohio or maybe Tionesta, Pa.. Instead we stayed a little closer to home and went to Beaver Creek State Park in Ohio.

Beaver Creek State Park is 9 miles south of Rodgers on Rt.7. Rodgers still hosts one of the best flea markets. It’s held every Friday. Has a small diner inside the grounds, has an auction and everything else under the sun from fruits and vegetables to usual and unusual flea market finds. I only stopped briefly at the flea market on the way to Beaver Creek just enough time to grab a bag of oranges for $5.

Instead of writing about Beaver Creek State Park read what is written about it from the ODNR website:

Beaver Creek State Park, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is one of Ohio's most scenic parks • The park includes Little Beaver Creek, a state and national wild and scenic river, and 2,722 acres of forest wilderness • The rich history of the area invites visitors to explore Gaston's Mill, pioneer village and abandoned canal locks

It is very peaceful at least when we were there, very few visitors. The pioneer village on the grounds was locked up but you could peer into the windows to see what life was like back in the early 1800’s. It has a school, chapel, house and a few other buildings. They have open house on Saturdays where they allow you to walk in all of the structures.

The thing that hit us the most when we pulled in the park was the smell. It is a pine forest and the smell of pine is so strong, simply wonderful. Just don't park close to the outhouse like we did because the second smell to hit you will be that. Beaver Creek like everywhere else right now is very low because of the drought. But the water was clear and perfect for walking through or sitting and cooling.

We didn’t stay to long at the park we wanted to continue on with our road trip and take a loop home through Pa.. I’m really not sure what roads we took to get to Pa.. We zigged and zagged and ended up close to Beaver Falls and from there got on Rt.18 heading north.

Driving through Beaver Falls we passed an old train station. Signs were posted no trespassing but I stopped anyway. I didn’t venture to far and didn’t enter the old abandoned building but I did snap a few photos.

Right outside of town just a few miles down the road is Buttermilk Falls Nature Area. I asked Dov want to stop and see it? Sure. At the first road I saw I went to turn around but spotted a sign that said FISH FRY – HOMEWOOD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. July 13th 5 to 7:30. I told Dov I’m hungry lets go to the fish fry and then head back to the falls. We continued on until we saw another sign that wasn’t well placed and this one said FISH FRY this Lent till 7pm. Dov and I went back and forth, he said it's during lent I said July 13th. I won out and continued on. We guessed at the direction and finally found the Homewood Fire Dept. and it had a big sign that said Fish Fry until 8pm. Good I made it in time but it was so quiet and hardly anyone around maybe it was during lent. I walked into the station and they had a really neat old mid 50’s Chevy fire truck. Could they really still be using this relic?

I found the stairs to the basement hall and asked did I miss the fish fry? Like I actually needed to ask as the place was empty and they were cleaning. Yes we just closed was the reply I got. I said well I wasn’t sure if it was for Lent or today or 7 or at 8. The lady replied we used whatever signs we had left. I said well I could come back in January at 6 if that’s OK. She said well sorry we don’t have any fish but I will give you for free macaroni and cheese and coleslaw if you like. One of the volunteers over heard this and said you really want fish let me start the fryer back up it’ll take about 15 minutes.

The fish fry dinner included: Fresh beer battered haddock, fresh cut French fries, coleslaw and homemade dessert with beverage for $8.00. The fish was excellent.

While waiting I asked the lady is there a back way to the falls or do I need to get back on the main road? She said Oh you can park at the abandoned motel the Valley Inn. We walked towards the door so she could point out the direction. I asked if the falls were scenic. She asked have you ever heard of the movie I am number 4? When she said that another lady joined in and was all excited. They filmed the movie right at the falls and we watched the whole thing. I asked how were you allowed? Well we are the fire department and had to watch them for safety purposes. My husband met Steven Spielberg and talked with him. It was so exciting to see the falls all lit up and the actors making the movie. And the food wow, one tent was set up just for all the different coffees and the buffet table was huge with all kinds of food.

My fish was done and they gave us directions once more. Park at the falling down Valley Inn hotel you can’t miss it, from there cross the railroad tracks, over the train trestle and you will see a path to the falls. I grabbed my supper and hurried out to explore.

Dov and I parked and after some guessing crossed the tracks, found the path and headed to the falls. It was really beautiful but what is usually a 35-foot flowing fall is now just a trickle. It too has been hard hit by the drought. I ate my supper right on top of the falls that’s how dry it was. A really neat experience.

I got home about 1 am from our day out. I flopped on the couch, turned on cable, flipped through the movie channels and what did I stumble upon? I am number 4! HEY I was just there….

Sunday, May 27, 2012

18 philippines

The last day. Awwwwwwww, it always goes way to fast especially when you are enjoying yourself and being treated royally.

Today Sunday we attended the 7 am church service, yes I woke up early again. I went back to nap while Ruth ran around doing errands.

For lunch Edgar and Thata invited us over for lunch. Filipino lunches and suppers always look like feasts to me, at least the ones I am invited to. American households just don't go through all the preparations like in the Philippines. Even during holidays America is turning into ordering precooked foods. Here everything is prepared from scratch. One reason I have yet to see a micro wave and there are very few fridges. I would give up those to conveniences for the meals I am eating over here.

After lunch we went to her sisters so I could say goodby to everyone. Then it was off to the airport.

It ended way to quick.
Maybe another post or two to tie things up.
Be back soon.
Gotta GoGo!!

17 Philippines

Saturday was some day. Ruth and I met Edgar and we went all over Zambo. We took a Jeepney ride that had such a friendly conductor. I had my vid cam on and he was smiling away and just enjoying acting like a celebrity for the silly American.

Our first stop was Family Fried Chicken. Huge open air restaurant with a roof that looked like bamboo. Again we ordered to much food. The food is so cheap when you compare it to the US dollar that I get carried away and want to order one of everything plus most meals here are for more than one, usually 2 to 4.

Then to the barter trade in Canelar a fairly large market place for clothes and household essentials. Ruth was hesitant to take me here because it is run by Muslims. It was so fascinating all the clothes, blankets and what nots. Everything was so colorful. When we walked in a group of boys maybe 5 to 7 years old saw me and shouted hey whats your name. They started following us so I kept turning around to make faces at them. I told them my name after they kept asking. When we were done shopping I told them follow me. I bought the five boys orange pop. It just made their day.

From there we stopped in on Ruth's cousin Dentist Loida. I snapped photos of the small dentist office while someone was in the chair. Silly laughs and just having fun. Loida told me next time she will take care of my wisdom teeth for free.  Ho
ws that!
Then it was on to St. Ignatius of Loyola Church in downtown Zambo. A huge church. another must see site. Instead of writing more look at the link to see a few photos of it.

And then believe it or not we went to McDonald,s and it was my suggestion. I needed coffee and I missed french fry's. Maybe it was my imagination from not eating fry's in sometime but the fry's I had seemed to be 10 times better than in the US. The store in Zambo was mobbed with people so maybe they had to constantly make fresh fry's, what ever the reason was they were so good and not greasy.

We sat by the window and and a little boy kept knocking on the window begging for food which is quite normal here. He kept pressing his face against the glass so I turned on my vid cam and turned the screen around so he could see himself. He amused himself so much and then a few other kids got in the act when he waved them over to look. We left Mc' and I was followed by them and a wman with a small baby all the way across the street until they gave up.

From there we went to Mindpro Citi Mall. At all stores and malls there are security guards. When the lady guard at the Mindpro Mall saw me she waved me right through and said tantalizing eyes. Edgar that was the funniest thing and kept repeating it.

From the mall to another barter trade near the heart of the city but much smaller. Again I was like a celebrity. Here buy this buy that let me show you this. What country are you from, America we have coffee and a drink good for male stamina. Ended the night with an Alavar' dinner served in my room.

Yuck, tomorrow I leave and the LONG dreaded flight home. Flight leaves Zambo at 6:45 Sunday and I won't be home until 3 pm Monday and remember I gain 12 hours. That's about 33 hours or so of airports and flying.

Gotta GoGo!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

16 philippines

Friday my taste for back home hit so I suggested pizza. Ruth took me to one of her fav pizza places, Speedy Pizza. Let me tell you folks it ain't like our pizza. Simple toppings like pepperoni or sausage don't exist at least not at this place, And you can't order one or two toppings all of the pizzas have multiple toppings and you pick the pizza you want. The cheese is either special or ordinary. I had a hard time understanding until I made the connection special just means more cheese.
I asked the lady on my half just put mushroom, hamburger and peppers and Ruth's side she had all that plus raisins and onions on top of that she put ketchup. I ate my half cause I was hungry. Ruth asked what I thought, well its OK but you can't really call it pizza. The sauce appeared to be pink. And the next day our left overs the smell was awful, it almost made me nauseous, not sure what kind of cheese and sauce it was, it didn't age well.
I did some packing and then for supper we went back to Alivar's. I ordered baked tanguingue in garlic and butter plus pork liempo, Ruth caldo de pescao tanguingue, fish soup.
I was highly disappointed and so upset. When we walked in the mayor of Zambo was there. Ruth said something but my brain didn't make the connection. I have been talking about wanting to meet him and there he was. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!
That's all for Friday night.
Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

15 philippines

Wednesday we went to Ruth's sister Ester's to say goodby. She was taking off to Cebu.
Standing outside of the church waiting for a trike to take us a lady approached with a pail of LARGE shrimp, maybe more like prawns. Ruth and the lady negotiated a price. The lady pulled out a small scale from her bag, weighs the amount Ruth wanted, placed the shrimp in a bag and away she went walking down the street to find another customer.

I asked where she got the shrimp Ruth said probably pond raised. Just like that, no fuss and so fresh. I just can't imagine things like this in America, buying dope on a corner yes but fresh seafood, fruit, and whatever else nahhhhh.

Ruth pan fried the shrimp with salt, she let it boil until tje water from the fish dries then put some vinegar then when that dries put some oil and finally minced garlic. Wala!!

After her sisters I got myself settled into the next place, Alavar's bed and breakfast that is next door to Alavar's Seafood restaurant.

The rooms are so clean but you best like cold water showers as it doesn't have hot water.

The breakfast was another slight disappointment. The first morning rice – one egg and one hot dog. I hate hot dogs!! Second morning rice – one egg and two small sardines. I hate sardines.
The place is quiet and clean finally some much needed sleep.

Thursday  Ruth took me to Amigos Amigas.  I found another food I didn't like its called batchoy.  It had pork chicharon, garlic and noodles and on top a raw egg that when you mix it it is suppose to cook.  I thought it tasted slimy with the egg.

That's all
Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

14 Philippines

 Monday not to much happened. We packed up from the Astoria hotel and headed to Ruth's. After some confusion because we couldn't find a room for me we settled on the guest room at her church.

 It was perfect for me, well it did lack a toilet seat and a shower, but the room was quiet and had air.

Ruth later came with barbeque pork and rice. Wow was it tasty!

 I slept pretty good finally little to no noise of the traffic but still woke up at about 5 am from the roosters announcing ITS MORNING! And then the turkey got into the act, yes they have a turkey. You just can't escape the noise.
Tuesday quiet day. I had computer issues so we went across from the church grounds to have it checked. They got my wifi corrected. It cost me 150 pesos - 43 pesos to 1 US dollar.  Ruth picked out a nice place for dinner.  Palmaras.  Wonderful decor and food, terrific place for a date or night out.  We had the seafood platter and ordered calamari as an appetizer.  We didn't understand the guy and visa versa.  The seafood platter already had calamari on it so we had WAY TO MUCH calamari. 

13 B Philippines

After the Fort Pilar it was coffee time.  They thought I was kolokoy for wanting coffee in mid day sun, I said of you drink something hot it makes the outside seem cooler.  Ruth kept telling me there are no coffee shops, not many drink it here but I insisted we find coffee.

Before locating my java we bought some cold fruit drinks.  I ordered the pineapple.  Thata had her drink  grabbed right out of  her hand from a kid.  Ruth didn't want hers so when two boys were begging for it she gave it to them.  From what I understand drink grabbing or begging for what you have is common.

Success - coffee was found.  You won't believe where, Dunkin' Donuts at Paseo Del Mar a neat place to gather.  Bars, eateries, food stands, dancing fountain, festive atmosphere but bring a guard with you, Muslims and the kidnappers lurk waiting to snatch you away in their boats to other islands or so they say.  I didn't care and enjoyed myself.

I was fascinated by the coin divers.   The divers wait in boats, you throw a coin into the water and like a flash they dive in and grab the coin.  Some of the divers were little kids under 10 some as young as 3.  One boy was naked.  I just can't imagine this going on in the US.
 Edgar fooled them a few times by throwing coins real hard.  Twice the divers came up empty.  The divers taunt hey my friend what are you going to throw.

We waited for the dancing fountain to turn on and then headed back to the hotel in time for me to watch the homos gone wild in the hotel lobby but I wrote about that already.

Gotta GoGo!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

13 A Philippines

Sunday we attended the early 7 am church service at Ruth's church, Tetuan Alliance. 3 services on Sunday. 

After church Edgar took me on a tour while Ruth did her chores. First we went to St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church

A wonderful church/shrine, I recommend seeing it.

Then we headed to the National City high school. He showed me around the grounds.  School is out for the summer but a group of high school students were hanging out.  They saw me and hey American and smiles and asking we are hungry give us money for food.

Then we went to the school coliseum. Basketball is very popular here and a small monument commemorates the founding of it on the school grounds.

 Edgar knew someone at the gate who allowed us in to the coliseum.  Someone else, maybe the grounds keeper, saw us and asked if we wanted a ball.  And then I got nervous.  The guy who ran to get the basketball must of told a few people because out of nowhere a small crowd gathered to watch the American shoot.  The only problem was he forgot to tell them a white American.  After missing my first 4 shots the crowd disappeared.  I shattered the image of America's dream team.

Edgar and I played one on one.  I won but the heat almost knocked me out.  Enough of that, no game 2 cause of pending heat stroke.  The coliseum was neat.  Maybe 5,000, plain and simple with orange seats up front, I loved it, no frills, watch the game and enjoy.

Then we went to the Southway mall in the city and ate at Mang Inasal for barbeque and all you can eat rice.

After supper we headed to Fort Pilar museum.  Something else I recommend

thats all for this post

12 philippines

Friday quiet day, spent most of it shuffling papers. We went to Ruth's and Eunices and had passtil in hot sauce.   Later had a late night drink at Alavars. I had the green drink called Alavar juice not sure whats in it but boy is it good. Ruth had star apple shake. Another wow. After that back to Astoria.

Saturday we were invited to eat at Eunice’s.  I met her husband and had a nice supper.  He grilled fish, with seaweed agar agar with bubok,Tula itum (beef with black sauce from the shredded coconut fruit) it was Muslim cuisine.  Very good. 
 Jumping ahead to Sunday night
The last night at the Astoria got squirrelly. I thought America had issues with homos but I think its worse here. I have seen so many feminine looking......... not sure what. But the closer you look you can see they are he/shes.
Walking to Fort Pilar we passed a small city park. A group of young men were hooting and hollering as a guy dressed like a woman strutted his stuff.
At Paseo Del Mar in one of the boats of the coin divers was what I thought at first was a woman. It turned out to be another one of them. He had long hair and when he saw me filming he posed.
Then at Astoria I went to the lobby to use the laptop there was such a commotion. I couldn't figure out what was going on and who were the women from the men. People were running back and forth. One guy ran to the desk yelling he bite me. His hand had a small bite mark.
The following day Ruth asked what happened. It was a Gay beauty pageant and they didn't like the results.
Not sure whats worse to be at a place surrounded by Muslims or in a hotel lobby after a Gay beauty pageant. Thats all for now, gotta gogo!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

11 Philippines

Thursday we didn't have time to go out. Walt packed his things and we headed to Ruth's sisters house.
Walt, my new brother in law Joshua, my new nephews CJ and Bern and I played basketball. Basketball is serious business even if they play it wearing flip flops or thongs.

After b'ball Jun and Timothy my other new brother in laws took Walt and I to Yakan village. It is a sect of Muslims that still weave and make things like bags, shirts the old way and in traditional fabrics and designs. Everything was so cheap but well made. I wanted to buy the whole village.

When they spotted me taking photos of the village a lady came up and said OH an American can I take your photo? Sure. Another lady runs up  WAIT let me take one to. Before I knew it there was a small group gathering to take photos. I said hey this is my adapted family, I mean adopted family who knows maybe they have adapted to my jokes. I said on the count of three everyone says USA Yakatan. After all the photos with me it was Walt's turn, another American more smiles and photos.

For our lunch we went back to the house and they served goat, poor goat is was so cute before the slaughter glad I didn't make friends but it was tasty.

After the lunch it was time to take Walt to the airport. Words donn't do justice to how thankful I was that Walt came and stood up on my behalf. Everything was successful. He got to experience the Filipino way of life, we showed him around and was part of the blessing.

After the airport went back to Ruth's sister so they could have a family meeting. I played cards with my new nieces and nephews. Uno and a card game called 1 2 3 pass. We had so many laughs, it was silly fun.

9 Philippines

Tuesday Walt and I were warned don't go out of the hotel so we did. We couldn't find a place to eat that served somewhat normal breakfast food so we went back to the hotel to eat.

Constantly seeing new things. We saw a man and boy walking around with clear plastic bags and inside were fish, another had a large bucket full. They were trying to sell them. If I heard correctly there is no welfare so people do what they can to make money. Ruth scolded me for giving money to the beggars and used the old proverb about teaching a man to fish not giving him the fish. She only gives sometimes to the handicapped. Their government frowns on people who give money. I told Ruth if I lived here I may become one of the beggars because I would give all my money away to help the beggars.

At noon we went to the best seafood place in town Alavar's. But again this seafood is real seafood, not fish n chips or processed food. We ordered seafood bilao and Walt had shrimp with the best juice in the world , Alavar's juice and Zamboanga white.

Then we headed to her sister's house. Ruth's whole family except for Joshua’s wife and children. Introduced Walt and made final plans for the blessing. Jun showed us around Ebenezer, the church grounds and the beach. Little crabs everywhere. We didn't stay to long. We went back to the hotel and ate at Abalones again.

8 B Philippines

The butterfly garden is in Pasonanca park   I would tell you the name but we forgot it.

After that......

The public toilets are pay, they cost 5 peso to use and the attendant gives you a tax stamp as a receipt. Walt was worried about having to use the toilet or as it is called here CR, comfort room, and not having the proper coin so he always made sure he had a 5 peso coin or as he called it a toilet coin.

For diner we ate Mano Mano in Paseo Del Mar.  Walt's favorite.  Some of  the best barbeque you will ever eat. After dinner we stayed to watch the dancing fountain. Buddy our driver made sure to watch us.  The area is ripe for kidnappings and Muslims going wild.

Monday, May 21, 2012

8 philippines

Ruth was glad to leave Astoria with all the Muslims. She was so uneasy and said her heart beat fast how the Muslims just stared at me and Walt. I didn't care a bit in fact I took a few photos of them. If ever in that situation either smile and laugh or stare right into their eyes and show no fear, that's all I do, easy remedy.

In the distance we saw mountains, not a mountain range like the Alleghany's or Smokies just a few. Buddy said you want to see I'll take you. The name of the mountain is Bulang Bato, which means stone mountain and supposedly its made of all stone.

We got to see another way of life. Maybe the Philippines equivalent of hillbillies or mountain folk. Cows, some pigs, way more country way of life. Dogs sleeping in the middle of the road, kids sitting and playing. I felt so bad for this little kid of about maybe 4. He had a home made toy of a can attached to a string. As we approached we saw him throw the can and reel it in over and over, he was amusing himself. When we passed him our vehicle ran over the can. I turned to watch him just stare at his flattened toy, he seemed so sad.

Driving to the top are the 14 stations of the cross. The view was spectacular. You could see Zambo and the sea.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 philippines

OK where was I, oh yeah walking around with Walt.

We got back and awaiting us at the desk was a package from Thata. A small box of kutsinta and a small bag of rice cake. Kucinta is flour, brown sugar molded into round patties of jello like consistency with grated cheese on top. Rice cakes are actually like a bun. I was upset about the rice cakes. I never got to eat all of them. I ate a few and left the bag open. During the night I ate one and in the morning I opened the bag and they were covered with bugs. YUCK! If you don't like bugs or roaches maybe this is not the place for you. Even where we ate lunch, Jolice, I noticed them.

Ruth came by at 3 to pick us. She rented a car from Maxwell with a driver to take us around. His name was Buddy Yugto a former police and owner of the rental car. It cost us 1,500 pesos for 4 hours. I highly recommend hiring him. Great personality, he will take you on a nice tour of places to see or take you where you want to go plus you will be safe with him. He watched over me and Walt like a hawk.

The first place we went to was Pavilion Astoria Regency to pay the balance due for the Blessing ceremony on Wednesday. We arrived and the place was crawling and surrounded by armed guards with machine guns. The reason was a Muslim wedding of 2,000. I asked our driver why the guards but he wouldn't say much other than maybe there to do their dirty work and they need to be watched. He was hesitant to even say what he did.

Friday, May 18, 2012

6 philippines

Monday Walt and I were left alone until after 1 pm with orders do not go out so we did, we went out right after breakfast in the hotel
I had the Filipino breakfast of Juice, longganiza, egg, toast instead of rice and Walt had the American with bacon. Most food here is so good but the portions are definitely not American size.

We left the hotel went to the bank BPI first to exchange currency. The teller refused most of our money because of tiny little tears. Travel tip, you need new to perfect bills or forget the exchange. There are exchange machines at some locations if you could find them, no questions asked, at the bank forms and questions and perfect greenbacks needed.

We walked Mayor Jaldon St. up one side down the other and walked a few side streets. Most of the stores have over head steel garage doors, most have cement floors, plain no frills and packed with goods. We stopped at the shoe store/ repair shop. About 8 male workers crammed into a small space busy at their sewing machines. I found a pair of white n black wing tips but a bit tight. The workers were all smiles and stopped working while I took their photo.

At a department variety store we entered a cute sales girl Eileen spotted me immediately and took me around the whole store. She had fun introducing me to all her co-workers and answering my silly questions. As we were leaving she asked hey do you have a number. At another store I heard from a hiding sales clerk shout I like your eyes. Walking down the street I heard American Idol and the stares. We never felt uneasy, more like celebrities.

The thing that was so impressive was there were so many neat stores, bakeries, restaurant and more stores. Walt made an observation how do you know what store to go to to find something, for instance one variety store on the third floor had a row of shelves for flowers, next row frames, next hardware and then thrown in motorcycle helmets. How would you know to go there for helmets?

The stores from the outside look small once you enter they go on and on with multiple levels. And just about every store was filled to the ceilings and mostly unorganized. At another variety store I was trying on shoes, I have small feet but still too big. At this store was a hole in the ceiling and when a clerk got an order he would call upstairs and the goods would be dropped down from the hole in the ceiling. And I don't care what store you enter the store clerks are well dressed and look like store clerks not like the slobs in America.

A few of the pet shops we passed had such sickly and diseased dogs in cages. Dogs for sale? That's one thing this country doesn't need more of, dogs.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 philippines

Sunday night - early Monday am

The flight into Zambo went smooth, short ride but we arrived late. Zambo's airport is small and no frills, no huge mobs. Walking in we did pass through on both sides cab and trike drivers vying for passenegers. Hey need a ride, over here....

We grabbed our bags and hurried past the gate, past security and into the scene of the dimply lit night. We were in Zambo. Edgar spotted us grabbed our bags and brought us to Ruth. No big greeting quick hug and into the trikes we went. Edgar and Walt in one trike, Ruth, Thata and I in another.

Walt got in and laughed his way to the hotel. Manila's traffic is bad but Zambo's traffic can be disscribed as a car rodeo, a Figure 8 race at Painesville Speedway. Don't stop or slow down you will get run over keep moving and who needs to pass you will and it don't matter what side of the street you are on.

We got to Astoria Hotel signed in, unloaded a few things and then went next door for supper at the Abalone. Eeverything was so good. Clam soup, chop suey, pancit and sweet n sour pork but much different then in the US. Poor Walt you should of seen his face, he ordered king crab but again so different than in the US. Walt didn't know what to do with it. It wasn't just crab legs but the whole big crab, guts and all. He ate what he could, the rest he left.

After supper we went up to the room and given instructions do not go out its dangerous. So after they and after more unpacking about 1 am we took a short walk through the deserted streets. What an eery experience. During the day close to mayhem, at night few vehicles speedby, stray dogs and small goups or individuals hanging out or sleeping on the sidewalk, some selling cigarettes. Smarter thoughts prevailed and we went back up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 philippines

The ride to Go Hotels....
Walt got an easy break in to Filipino driving. When I arrived the first time it was at noon and madness was in full swing. Traffic for early Sunday 12:30 am was still quite busy but nothing compared to prime time hours.
Before we even backed up the driver reminds us tip me ok my son needs milk. Yes we all need milk. He told us its so hard in the Philippines, the economy is still bad with the average pay about 480 pesos per day for 10 to 12 hours. Conversion is 42.14 pesos to 1 US dollar. You do the math.

The check in went fine, Go Hotels said their taxi was there all we had to do was go to where the sign said travel accommodations. Now why in blue blazes didn't anyone tell us that?

Made it to the room, very clean but so spartan Walt was amazed, no hair dryer, ice bucket, clock and no window but it did have a large print of the city framed to look like a window.

We walked around a bit, tried a snack at a small food mart shark fin and crab stick, made by Fritos 29 pesos each. Bought two sodas' one a pepsi the other and Australian ginger soda, I go all the way to the Philippines to try Australian pop. Walt paid with a 500 peso bill the girl got confused and over paid the change. Walt explained to the manager what the girl did and gave it back. Tthe manager looked surprised.

We warned stay put don't walk around alone. Since we had each other Walt said I guess we aren't alone lets go so we walked a bit. It didn't take long to see the stark contrast between the States and the Philippines.

Almost 2 am Sunday morning traffic still quite busy. A fruitstand still open as well as other little convenient stores and food stands, Young men or maybe teens or maybe boys were busy painting street light poles, one wearing flip flops had climbed the pole and was balancing on the arm that held the light. Another was busy painting under a walkway painting with no light. In front of the mall a group of men were jack hammering the entrance wearing no safety gear only street clothes, not even goggles or ear plugs.

OH and lets not forget the smell of the city.

Gotta GoGo!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

number 3 philippines

OK you have to experience this. Its like a rude joke, a test of wills, a survival of the fittest. You travel all those hours, small portions of food that makes a starving artists meals look like large buffets, the lack of oxygen makes you woozy and then you land in Manila.

GO! And they're off...............
All of a sudden you go from no moving to a sprint. And it was weird, we left the plane, didn't dilly dally and then as if parachuted down from the heavens the airport fills up with what seems like thousands scurrying like ants.

There is suppose to be lines to enter the first security but quickly that fades into everyone converging into 5 checks points. Once you see the driving in the Philippines you understand their method, just go.

After about 2o minutes plus, another check point with our baggage. More chaos, fund our bags, another check point and now you are on your own. The heat that was building in the airport suddenly hits you and the humidity wow.

I ask the security where can I change currency. Over here follow me. Out comes his hand, clears his throat ahemm, tip?

Ruth made the hotel reservation and planned for them to pick us up. Pure chaos. Another security guard said let me see your paper I will call the hotel. Sir I can not reach them, how about tip for my phone use? This is the number I called. He circles it, shows me the number. Excuse me thats my phone number – 440-585.....

Someone else tries to help us find Go Hotels taxi, no luck but I know the protocol, tip time. Here... Whats this? A tip. He shook his head and walked away. An honest person. I think I insulted him.

Walt had enough, I will pay for the taxi lets get out of here. After negotiations we settled on 1,130 peso plus tip off to Cyber gates plaza and Go Hotel.

Gotta GoGo!!

number 2 hilippines

OK we made it to Detroit no problem, short trip just a warm up for the marathon of 19 hours plus. I was impressed with the Detroit airport. For a city with issues their airport is terrific. Clean, modernized and lots of little shops and places to eat.

We are boarding and now the fun starts.
OK I am back. The trip to japan went well. Its so much different this trip, the biggest is traveling with someone I know. Walt's great to travel with and made the trip seem shorter plus I know what to expect, not as much anxiousness which makes the time go even shorter. Delta airlines has yet to update some of their planes so we had to stare slanted at a large screen in the middle of the plane and watch boring movies. Korea air I used on the last trip had individual screens on each seat back that you could switch channels and find something other than one movie.

Our short stay in the Japanese airport was to short and we couldn't look around. Sure we are anxious to reach Zambo to see Ruth but it would have been nice to see another countries airport.

What was crazy we landed in Japan, got off the plane, went through security again, waited maybe 20 minutes and re-boarded the same plane and sat in the same seats.

4 more hours we are in Manila.
Gotta GoGo!!

number 1 Philippines

Hey Gang, its been awhile since I posted anything. Here I am sitting in Hopkins awaiting our flight to Detroit, to Japan and then on to Manila. I am going to Zambo the Latin City of the Philippines to visit Ruth.

This trip to the Philippines was quickly thrown together even though I kind of had most things prepared for take off as I have been in a holding pattern waiting for my marching orders for sometime. The fiancee visa got delayed for who knows what reason and since its taking so long Ruth said why don't you come the week of the 15th and we can have the blessing. Whats that? Stay tuned!

It was an eventful week actually 3 weeks trying to cram everything in before embarking and yesterday was pure chaos running around like mad. I had to call my accountant, talk to my lawyer, run to the rental to check on the electrician, cut the grass there, hurry to the store, cut my grass, load up the van for work, clean 3 accounts, hurry home, desk work, chat with Ruth, more desk work, go to sleep at 7:30, awake at 8 with horrendous banging and scraping, its the driveway contractor. He did show up! Ain't that something when I return will have a new drive. I am excited but could of used the sleep.

OH almost forgot to tell you, Walt is with me. Hey after everything we have been through and how many years have I known Walt its only appropriate he meets Ruth first, sorry folks.

That's all for now, about to board for the very short trip to Detroit, slight lay over and then the marathon begins, 15 plus hours to Japan. Then another 4 to Manila. Its brutal that's a long time to be sitting.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

read the date of this email

Friends, I am having much fun rereading my old articles and seeing how dead on I was, let me tell you, not blowing my own horn here, but I seldom do I miss the mark.

I remember being at the Lake GOP party after the '08 elections and making the comment that America is over, its done. The bartender over heard me and said OK you are being ridiculous. Was I?

I dedicate this old article to the Mentor 9/12 site who think I post to much, I pontificate senselessly and hate the tone of my letters.

In order for freedom to ring, you can not silence the bell ringers.

Carey Masci

--- On Fri, 11/7/08, Carey Masci wrote:

From: Carey Masci
Subject: Carey breaks the silence - They dance in the streets
To: "c k m"
Date: Friday, November 7, 2008, 10:15 AM

Hey Gang,
Even though I predicted way back in May '07 that McCain would win the GOP nomination and eventually lose to a Democrat I am still numb and sickened. I feel as bad or more so then when Clinton beat Bush Sr.. It was in the '92 election that the reality of socialism was rearing its ugly head here in America after the Reagan era of self responsibility. This election, socialism has made major inroads, and possibly inroads that may never be removed. I am just numb, can't say it enough.

I watch in disbelief the people who voted for Obama dancing and singing, celebrating with no inkling of what they just did. No clue of how they sold this country out. Not a bit of understanding of the change Obama can and may bring. They dance and celebrate in ignorance, its sad and upsetting to watch.

For what reason do they celebrate? Is it the fact Obama, now the leader of the free world, is for the murderous practice of abortion and even worse against the right to life act? Is that why they dance?

Is it because Obama snubbed American values but instead embraced the homosexual community? Or our founding fathers Christian beliefs and morals but instead aligned himself with radical preachers and teachers? Is it because we put back in power the Democratic party that gave us the scandal ridden Clintons, the Barney Franks, the Jesse Jackson's?

We elect a black man strictly because of his mannerisms, his looks, his charisma, the color of his skin, his fervent speeches but still most people don't know much about him. Can we say for certainty that Obama, who's father was Kenyan, is a natural born citizen and the constitution was upheld? Where is his substance? What has he accomplished besides winning public office? Past presidents championed the cause of spreading democracy, Obama preaches more government is this why they celebrate?

Obama's plans hinges on class-warfare with his tax ideas of taxing those who work hard and make more. Obama tells you you need him to spread the wealth because you can't make it on your own. Is this the true American spirit?

What message does this send the rest of the world when Obama preaches change and hope is coming to America. Is our homeland really that bad? Do we really need change or just less government?

Is the world any safer with Obama as Command Chief. They dance in the streets for what reason? CKM