Saturday, November 10, 2012

Are you taking time out

Hey Gang,
5 weeks ago Dad was rushed back to the hospital.  They said it was congenative heart failure.  It didn't look good.  The family rushed to see him, friends came and 3 days later he wanted pizza (typical wop).  He improved so much they sent him home. 

Now the meaning of this posting.

  Even though I had plenty to do getting the yards and cars ready for the upcoming winter I made sure somehow to spend some time with Dad.  I didn't take for granted he healed and went about doing my daily living.  I took time out.

 I told the parents the night before I will be taking them out for breakfast but didn't tell them where.  In the morning I loaded the car with a grill, coffee, apple cider, bacon, eggs, bread and headed with the parents and Ruth to the park for breakfast.  We hit it just right.  The day was warm, sun was out, the colors of the woods, just beautiful.  We had a nice breakfast and everyone knows food always tastes better in the great outdoors.  It perked Dad up and made great memories for the future to look back on. 

It's little things like this that make life enjoyable and with no regrets.  If there is someone in your life that you need to spend some time with - well are you?

Take time out.

Gotta GoGo!!