Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Travel Trays and Mayfield Village Cruise In

Hey Gang,
Instead of trying eBay again I thought I would send out an email to you and see if there is any prospective buyers for this neat old car accessory - TWIN TRAVEL TRAY.
The GoGoBus already has a dining table and the Daewoo well now... remember the opening scene of the Flintstones when the tray gets placed on the car and it tips? Besides that fact, the Lil Daewoo has buckets seats.
This travel tray was made in good ole Cleveland, Ohio in 1963. The tray slips over the front bench seat of the car. Just looking at this tray gives you that nostalgia feeling and reminds one of yesteryear, the days of carhops, drive ins, cheap gas, no seat-belts, and when Chrysler was a Chrysler, America was America and a Communist was someone you shot and not someone you would elect as President. And of course it also reminds you of those tin TV trays that everyone had in their living room while they watched Ed Sullivan.
If you have a big old American car with bench seats you need this accessory for the cruise ins to add just a little more flare to your setup. The trays slip over the front bench seat. Did I say that already?
I have the original box but its tattered and worn. One tray is near perfect, the other has some surface rust, but unfortunately the gold finish on the frame has a lot of surface rust so it will need to be sanded and painted. Overall good condition.
And if you email within the next 5 minutes, because I can't do this all day, I will throw in at no extra charge one small Sham Wow! What are you waiting for? Oh the price, I think $20 is fair plus shipping.
If you aren't interested PLEASE pass this on.

And now for the cruise in photos.

I didn't take a lot of photos at the Mayfield Village Cruise In. Just a few. I like this show probably the best because they block about a 1/4 mile or a bit more of Wilson Mills Rd and let you cruise your ride while people sit on the sidewalk in lawn chairs. They have a couple of different bands playing, some food stands. A very miniature Woodworth. Always a good time. The local fuzz even let you get away with a little tire chirping. Unless of course you are driving a GoGo Bus. I told someone heck I can't burn my tires but I do have a stove to burn eggs.

Gotta GoGo!!

ps: if you need more photos of the trays just ask.