Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Christmas Party

Hey Gang,
A late thank you for all that attended my 2014 Christmas party held this year at my sister Cindi's house. 15 attended and it was a blast.

Unfortunately I didn't judge the sauce right for the 4 pounds of rigatoni so we ran out. Jeff didn't care on his third helping he ate them sauceless. I was scolded by Stephanie for not telling everyone not to eat the toy soldiers I put in the pasta. Jamie also almost ate them thinking the soldiers were chocolate. Next time I will choose yellow toys so they will stick out.

Thanks to Janet for the dishes she brought a long and Paul for the salad,  Nick for supplying us with three dozen donuts, Mike for the Boston cream pie. We had plenty to eat.

This year we did the gift exchange differently. Joe recommended instead of choosing numbers we play pass the gift while playing music, when the music stops the person holding the gift gets it. Sort of a spin on the child's game musical chairs. Keeping with tradition I brought out my nifty portable GE record player playing the Ventures in Space, perfect music for the gifting fun.
Enjoy the photos and maybe next year you can join us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday was an exciting day.

Hey Gang,
Monday was an exciting day. I spoke with Chris Lambert and he wants to interview me about the book I wrote. Rich is the one who encouraged me to contact Chris who has written 8 novels and numerous articles for Scene Magazine and the News Herald.

Chris loved the flow of “Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?”, the ease of reading and how I set up the stories. What initially caught his attention was the story of “Beaver Creek, Buttermilk Falls and Fish”. Chris has a brother who lives in Beaver Creek so he is anxious to buy a copy for him.

Chris's co-host is Euclid's former Mayor Dave Lynch. So that should be a neat re-connection as I know Dave from his running for state rep and I spoke with him about issues I was having with Euclid and his brother is State Rep. Matt Lynch who I know.

I am not sure of the details yet as to the time and date of the radio broadcast but will let you know.

Later on in the day I was just entering a clothes store in Westlake when newscaster Leon Bibb was exiting. I extended my hand and said my favorite announcer. Leon has a voice that is made for a late night FM jazz show. He shook my hand and said thank you. 

As I was in the store I got to thinking HEY thats Leon Bibb, I got to get him a book. So I ran outside. Leon didn't leave yet, he was just sitting in his car with it running. I knocked on the window, he rolled it half down with a look that said I am tired and its been a LONG day what? He said Yes. I said I just wrote a book I would love to give you a copy. He said OK. I ran to the van, grabbed a book and told Leon, the first time I met you was way back in '04 for a Bush rally held at Lake Farm Parks in Kirtland. I apologized for not signing it because both of us were business. He gladly accepted it and thanked me for the book.

So it is exciting to see what becomes of that meeting. Who knows where it may lead.

Then later on I went to China town and bought soup. The brand is Daily and written on it is MADE WITH JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY. I had to buy it. Its probably made out of space age eatable plastic noodles that stay undigested for a week and makes you feel bloated and filled. If all thats true at least I will save money on food. Or maybe it has a micro-tracking chip that subliminally tells me to go buy a Toyota.

Gotta Go-Go,

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Go Go Bus Gets Dyno'd

Hey Gang,
I wanted to post this way back in the spring just now doing it. Always way to many irons in the fire.

Anyway... I had the carb rebuilt again on my '69 Xplorer A, better known as the Go-Go Bus.

The shop that did it asked if I wanted the Bus dyno'd to really find out how the thing is tuned. He was amazed by the results and I was like wow.

Before I tell you the results I was a bit upset because I believe the final numbers may be off. When he typed the weight of the vehicle on the machine he put 4,000 but the Go Go Bus weighs a tad over 4,800 pounds.

Here is the result: maximum power 108.2 @ 2093 RPM  / 33.9 MPH   -  WCF 112.4

                          maximum torque  288.2 @ 1575 RPM / 25.6 MPH    - WCF 298.9

Not bad for a lil slant six. Does anyone know if the lower weight he dialed in would affect the numbers in either direction?
Gotta GoGo,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

one yes and one probably not

Hey Gang,

Well my book is now being sold at Wickliffe Flower Barn, 28707 Euclid Ave Wickliffe. Wickliffe Flower Barn is located in the old Denny's Restaurant. They did a terrific job in the place and is way more than just flowers. They have a mix of collectables, antiques, gifts and of course flowers. During the summer on Wednesdays they have a cruise in. In fact I went to their Cruise In Christmas party, minus cars but the owners all showed, what a fun time. 

Stop in and take a look or reminise about where you use to sit when it was Denny's.

Thats the good. The bad... my book won't be placed at Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. Take a look at the agreement they sent me. I will still reach out once more and ask if all this holds true for placing a book in their stores but as of now, it won't be on their shelves.

Hello Carey,
We are pleased you have taken an interest in our company and want to thank you for considering Love's as a possible outlet for your interesting products. We are growing at a rapid pace and are continually looking for new and innovative merchandise to keep our product mix fresh.
Please take note of these important guidelines you must meet before the buyer will review your product:
*You must carry a minimum of $1 Million Product Liability Insurance
*You must invoice each store with the product shipment
*All potential suppliers will need to have a developed distribution model to supply all 240+ locations.
*All merchandise must contain a scannable 12-digit Bar Code
*You are not offering a public service or requesting a sublet of our property
If you meet all of the above requirements, please send your non-returnable, product sample with literature and general pricing information to our merchandise buyers for consideration. If after reviewing your product we choose to pursue further, a buyer will contact you to arrange a meeting. If we choose to forgo your product you will be notified by mail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for review.
Please send your product sample to:
Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores
Attn: Merchandise Buyer
2208 W Hefner, Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Thanks again for your interest in Love's!
Victoria Sheppard-Baker
Merchandising Assistant
Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores
405-463-8068 Office
405-463-8918 Fax

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Free book offer? Yes free book

Hey Gang,

For those who are to cheap... I mean lack money to purchase my relatively inexpensive book that is sure to increase in eBay value in 75 years, now is your chance to get a copy for free.

Send me an email telling me why Santa should give you a signed book for Christmas and the best and most heartfelt tear jerking or entertaining letter recieves a copy.

Even if you bought 1 or 3 like some have but want a book to give as a gift - WRITE THAT LETTER! Time is a wasting.

Dear Santa,
The reason I should receive a signed copy of "Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?" is....

I will choose the best letter by this weekend and will share the winning letter on 
 my blog.

    Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

another review

Hey Gang,
Another review.

Your book is interesting enough that I would be willing to to buy and read Volume 2 if you choose to publish a sequel. It reflects your personality and as such is quite interesting. For liberty, justice and peace, David Macko

Christmas is coming and my book makes a great gift for friends and foe. If you have that special someone who loaths me, buy them a copy of my book, its your chance to get back at them for buying you that fruitcake last year.

Here is the link from Amazon

Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?

Gotta GoGo!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sports Talk – Carey's Take

Love is the future
This was my initial reaction watching the Cavs opening game – Kevin Love was the best part of Lebron's return, he is the future. I also made this prediction that night that if the Cavs are mediocre by the end of January look for the Cavs to trade Lebron for a bunch of draft picks and young players and build around Love and Irving

Remember Lebron only has a two year deal and who is to say he will resign or is it possible that he just flat out retires? Other sport stars with plenty of years left retired while at the top of their game. And what I have seen of Lebron it seems that drive, the energy of earlier years is lacking. After all he has been in the league since the age of 18. Lets see how this plays out but thats what I predict can happen in the future, Lebron is gone but Love remains.

Browns have division and no division
Can any Cleveland team get it right? The Browns are in the midst of a play off run and 12 games into the season they switch quarterbacks? Even though their run game is almost non existent, injuries to their starting center and back up, with a cast of no name receivers Hoyer is standing in there finding ways to win. How soon we forget how inept the Browns have been the last 5 years. A 7 and 5 record should not produce panic.

Who is to blame for the bad routes and timing between Hoyer and Gordon? Gordon for getting suspended and the coaching staff for not weening him into games, not Hoyer. Gordon should not be getting as much playing time to disrupt the offense. Who is to blame for the fumbled balls? Letting go of Phil Dawson? Not finding a legit kick and punt returner? Not Hoyer.

Only Cincinnati won this past Sunday so the division is still up for grabs, no one is running away with it. This was not the time to change quarterbacks, shame on the coaching staff. Hoyer should finish the season and what ever the Browns record ends at it is still a drastic improvement over the past years and who knows the Browns could still pull off a division title. So let the quarterback controversy start next year in training.

As of now the Browns have division and will not win the division unless Manziel is put back on the bench and Hoyer propped back up.

Gripe one
Who else is tired of watching the black athlete with the curly dreadlocks spilling out from his helmet and flopping all over the place. One Troy Polamalu is enough, the rest look like a bunch of black Raggedy Ann dolls in football jerseys.

I hate pink
I hate that pink is being applied to all sports in recognition of breast cancer awareness. It sissifies the manliness of the game and really its not the place for it. Besides in Cleveland we have enough boobs running around on the field that we don't need to be reminded.

Carey Masci

Christmas Outing for Dece. 6th - Zoar Village

Hey Gang,
I was still under the weather so last weeks outing I opted out. Walt and his family still went. I am planning another outing for Saturday the 6th. We can car pool for those interested in going. Lets meet at my place about noon.

OH where to you ask..... Zoar Village.

Here is the link....

 Are YOU Ready to Go-Go!


Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Christmas Concert and book signing

Hey Friends,
I will be at this event signing books, please share, thank you!

Gotta Go-Go!
Come and Enjoy the Season with a Christmas Concert by Companions of the Lamb! Refreshments will be served!
Bring your Christmas shopping money as there will be gifts available to purchase by Local Christian Authors and Artists!

 The Christmas Concert "GLORY GLORY TO THE KING" includes scripture reading of the Christmas story along with Christmas songs from our newest Christmas CD and a sing along of several traditional Christmas hymns for all to participate in. This presentation which lasts a little over an hour is a great way to share the birth of Christ with everyone and anyone, young and old alike.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Saturdays Dinner After the Constitution Party Convention part 2

Hey Gang,
So the search through Aurora for the 4th and Walnut restaurant continued...

Aurora, Indiana is a scenic little city. I just wished I took the driving tour when I wasn't hungry and looking for food. It would have been far more enjoyable. But I ain't kiddin' when I say I drove up n down every road, street, ave and parking lot looking for Walnut. We eventually found 4th and got excited. Food had to be right around the corner now. Well guess what? We found Winter Street and Water but no Walnut.

I even took a road that looked like someone’s drive that almost put us on the rail-road tracks - I'm serious. The name of that one laner was Railroad Ave, trust me its definitely not an ave.. How does a narrow one lane road that is so close to the tracks it could possibly get you killed is named avenue is beyond me. I hope the Go-Go Bus forgives me for making it drive through that torturous road.

It was approaching 8 p.m. Empty stomachs with dizzy heads from driving in circles coupled with Dan starting to mention places like Steak n Shake called the 4th and Walnut search off.

I said OK if you remember when we pulled into down-town Aurora from Rt. 50 we saw a BBQ place, that's where we're going, Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q whether we like it or not Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q is it.

Ruth saw the sign that said closed but the doors were open. We walk in and I was a bit puzzled. The restaurant is set up almost like two places. The front half is more like a diner, well light with chairs and tables, the back half was dimly lit, rustic, with an eclectic assortment of collectables and very homey.
I chose to wander to the back half and sit where there were a few people dining. A lady asked when she saw me walking around looking lost can we help you? Are you open? Yes, sit where you like. I asked are you the owner? The lady pointed to a man behind the counter and said he is, that's Big Daddy.
We made small talk until our waitress came over. I asked her what does she recommend. Big Daddy interrupted and said get the pulled pork. There is nothing worse when you ask a restaurant what they recommend and they suggest what you dislike the most. I said OK but when the waitress came back I said I am leaning towards the ribs what do you think? Bib Daddy suggested again I told you the pulled pork sandwich. AHA there was an outlet, well I am not into bread right now. OK get it naked. HMMM what does that mean? Order it without bread, just pulled pork. There was no way to worm out of it now. So I got the pulled pork with fries and cole slaw and it comes with mama's corn bread, I love corn bread so ordered an extra slice along with an appetizer of wings.

 As we were waiting for the meal Big Daddy who was searching online for karaoke supplies asked us where we were from. I said the Cleveland area. He replied how funny, I am looking at a store right now located in Cleveland. That wasn't the only odd coincidence. I found out there last name was Willoughby which is the name of the city next to Wickliffe where I live.

More small talk led him into telling us how he got into the restaurant business. The restaurant was actually his plumbing business. One day his workers didn't sure. He literally had it. He cancelled the phone service, took down the signs and decided on opening a Barbecue restaurant something he had no clue on inkling what he was getting himself into.  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Saturdays Dinner After the Constitution Party Convention part 1

Hey Gang,
OK where were we? Oh yes, dinner, Saturdays dinner, I was going to tell you about Saturdays dinner. This post about Saturdays dinner has the same theme as the last couple of postings that nothing is by chance, not even our Saturday dinner.

We decided to leave the hotel where the Constitution Party convention was held and go exploring instead for a place to eat. In the hotel lobby we stayed at there were brochures, one was for Whisky's Restaurant

The brochures stated:
Founded in 1984, Whisky’s Restaurant is a tribute to “The Whisky City,” otherwise known as Lawrenceburg, Indiana, which is known for its history of distilling dating back to the 1800’s. Located in two historical buildings, Whisky’s is famous for its award winning ribs, in addition to its other specialties and traditional offerings.

 An independent restaurant in a building built in the 1800's with steaks and burgers that was fairly close by - what more could you ask for? Parking and seating. That would have been nice.

  The lot was full so I stopped at the front entrance just to jump out and peak at the menu. I was told it would be a 45 minute wait. There was no way I was going to wait for 45 minutes as none of us ate in some time. So I asked a gentleman in front of me if there were any other good places to eat. He thought for a moment and said yes, there’s a good little family restaurant outside of town on 4th and Walnut and I think the name of the place is 4th & Walnut. He repeated the directions again. Outside of town and the way he pointed he had to mean the town next door, Aurora.

 I was vaguely familiar with Aurora from what the hotel desk clerk told me about it. It is nicknamed The City of Spires for the many churches it has.

Here is the link

 I stopped at a gas station for gas and directions on the border of Aurora. Both attendants, yes they still pump gas here, never heard of the restaurant and insisted Walnut had to be in Lawrenceburg just a street over from where Whisky's is. That just didn't sound right because the gentleman who told me about the restaurant said it was outside of town. Undaunted I continued on to Aurora and let me tell you I drove up and down every street.

 I asked two teens who were walking around if they knew where 4th and Walnut was. Both were clueless. One teen however did know that nickname of Aurora was the City of Spires and thought Walnut may be in Lawrenceburg. The other teen was in a band and quite a card. He said let me sing you a song and he did, right in the middle of the street. He promised he would Facebook me but he hasn't yet so don't ask me his name or his bands name, he was suppose to tell me when we connected. They had to leave because dad was at home waiting for them. So off we went.

 Ruth and Dan are both use to my antics. When I set my sites on finding a place, there is no deterrent, the search must go on and it gets even worse when I am hungry looking for a good restaurant. No fast food, no corporate and no snacks - real food or a fast happens until real food can be found. So the search through Aurora continued...

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thank You!! It was a success!

Hey Gang,
Thank you to those who came out to support me at my first public book signing at the Painesville Craft & Antique Co-op. It went wonderful!! Another is planned for December.

I had a lot of fun doing it. I got to talk to people about my book which led them to tell me about some of their stories. I really appreciated the lady who stopped by, crossed her arms and said "Tell me why I should buy your book?" As I am telling her about it she asked "Do you stay off the main roads? I have been wanting to do that for sometime".  She bought my book.

Well friends thanks again!

Gotta GoGo!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What the Doctor Said

Hey Gang,
I was going to write about my eating experience during my trip to Cincinnati and more about the national convention for the Constitution Party but I want to back up about two weeks.

This event that happened actually goes along with what the Doctor told me during our talk after the meeting at the convention. The Doctor told me You know nothing is by chance, even our meeting. God has plans for all of us.

If you haven't read my last two posting do so it will make more sense.

Anyway.. I have a little saying of my own which sort of goes along with what the doctor said, it is this:

    Wherever I'm at - that's where I'm suppose to be.

At times I have to remind myself of this saying because I still get flustered when I am running late for a job or things don't go as planned whether for work or personal appointments.

 My getting upset was a wee bit evident when a job I had planned with someone else was running behind because of unforeseen problems with the machinery we rented. This issue cost us at least a day possible more so instead of being finished on Wednesday or at the latest Thursday we concluded the job on Friday

But now looking back it, thank God we ran a day late, it actually saved a persons life, literally!

I am going to repeat again what the doctor told me: You know nothing is by chance, even our meeting. God has plans for all of us. 

So the person who was helping me on the job was heading over to the store on Friday. He got stopped by a red light. He noticed that the car in front of him had a woman who was freaking out and slapping and shaking her female driver. He realized something wasn't right so he immediately called 911. He decided to get out of his car when the passenger of the car in front of him did also.

The lady was in hysterics screaming help me she's dieing. My friend swung the drivers door open, grabbed the woman who was now turning blue and threw her on the road right on the yellow line. He immediately started CPR when a woman across the street saw this she came running over telling them I am a nurse and almost at the same time another car stopped and a man came out and said I'm an EMT.

The three of them managed to get the ladies heart started before the paramedics arrived to take her to the hospital.

My friend found out the lady lived but if not for his quick acting she would not be here.

So the point is:
Nothing is by chance, God has plans for all of us. Or as I say
Wherever I'm at - that's where I'm suppose to be and this was never more evident than my friend being at the right place at the right time.  Our job may have ran late but there was a reason for it and now we know.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 3 Posting 4

Hey Gang,
Let me correct the last posting, I had to abandon it because of time constraints and an unforeseen fire alarm.

I wrote in posting 3:
I lingered around until almost just a few were left. I spent some time talking to a doctor. He is 93 years old and has so many testimonies and stories. He was a real treasure to speak to.

What I was talking about was at the conclusion of the convention while most hurried up to leave I stayed for a while.  And the doctor I am referring to is a member of the Constitution Party. I met so many people that I can't remember his name but his stories I do.

So allow me to continue.... When the meeting room cleared, left behind was Dan who came with me and the doctor. The doctor was just sitting there alone. So I went over to him and introduced myself. He immediately summed up my personality and said You know nothing is by chance, even our meeting. God has plans for all of us. I said why don't we sit in the lobby by the fire, I will help you and Dan and the 3 of us can sit there. He said I am OK you go help Dan.

As I was gathering Dan's stuff the doctor came over with his walker and asked Dan what can I do for you, how can I help you? At 93 and using a walker the doctor was more concerned with helping Dan than me helping him to the lobby.

We sat by the fire in the lobby and the doctor told me so many stories - real treasures. He repeated again that nothing happens by chance. Many years ago during a trip him and his wife were in a bar of an airport. They met a man. The doctor at first was a bit annoyed that his wife was spending so much time talking to this man. Hours later at 2 am in the morning his wife led this man to the Lord. And then the doc said Two weeks later you know what happened? That man died in a wreck. That meeting with that man was not by chance.

The doctor told me other stories with the same message that nothing happens by chance. Some stories he teared.

Before leaving I hugged him. I will not forget our conversation.

I then wrote:

The real fun started when we left for dinner

But let me tell you first about the fire alarm.

I was using the computer in the lobby of the hotel while Ruth and Dan slept. I just closed a clip on You Tube titled Obama Blows Smoke when the hotel fire alarms went off. MAN are they loud!!! Ear ringing loud.

So I hurriedly shut the computer when door after door of the hotel rooms swung open with bewildered half sleeping guests stumbling out. The soft spoken desk clerk panicked trying to figure out what to do. He was running around while everyone was confused. It was kind of fun though, sort of like when something happens in your home-town neighborhood all the neighbors come out to see what happened and actually talk to each other. That's what this was like.

I ran upstairs knocking on Dan's door telling him to open up, hurry. He was sleeping and didn't hear a thing. He was the only one that didn't care. Dan told me it was probably the kids next room, they were so loud it sounded like they were playing football. I made sure he didn't want me to help him downstairs. He went right back to sleep. Everyone else didn't know what to do, some grabbed their bags and left, some were yelling at the desk clerk as if he had something to do with it.

Everyone relaxed a bit when only police showed up with no firemen. I found out in the morning that one of the hooligans, probably the one Dan said was making football noises, pulled the alarm. They caught him by watching the surveillance tape.  What fun.

That's all for now.
Gotta GoGo!!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 3

Hey Gang,
OK you know the routine - right? What happened when I awoke? You got it, I woke up late. The meeting started at 8 but I got us thee by 9:30.

The topics at the convention were great. IF only all liberty - tea party - conservative - Christians and other like minded people would just give an ear to what we are saying they would be shocked. Then again maybe they do but in denial. I will try to write some of the topics discussed later. Wake up people it is later then you think.

(Here is a teaser the Constitution Party has 2 candidates who are lining up to run for president.)

I lingered around until almost just a few were left. I spent some time talking to a doctor. He is 93 years old and has so many testimonies and stories. He was a real treasure to speak to.

The real fun started when we left for dinner

Friday, November 14, 2014

day 2

Hey Gang,
So let me back track till yesterday morning and the ill marked signs. What threw me off? The directions called to take 275 W and get off at exit 16. OK no problem. Exit 32 - exit 7 - wait exit 7 what happened to the rest? So I back track but there was no 16.

We exit on who know's what road and drive around who know's where but we did see a see a sign that said POLICE DEPT with an arrow. We follow it thinking we could ask the cops for directions. Plenty of cops cars but not one cop. But way in the back of the municipal building was a car. we thought maybe its a cop but it turned out to be a woman using the recycling containers at 2am!

She gave us directions that were totally wrong and we ended up in a place called Mt. Airy. I think that's the spelling. In an attempt to find a cop I even made an illegal turn thinking OK let me break the law and of course a cop has to show up.. But none did. So back on 275 W towards Kentucky. Exit 32, exit 7, miles later exit 21 and finally exit 16. Who numbered these signs? And the hotel is in Indiana which comes before Kentucky on 275 W so why didn't they put Indiana instead of Kentucky first?

The Bus stayed warm with the electric heater despite the bone chilling cold out of about 20 degrees. I over slept and instead of waking at 8:30 as I thought it was actually 9:30. Dan was a little annoyed we missed the first half hour but not as annoyed if he would know what I found out. The meeting started at 8 so we actually missed 2 1/2 hours of it. SHHHHH!

The meeting is going good, write more about that later. This evening we took the river boat dinner cruise. Great time. Food excellent.

By the way did you know the Cincinnati airport is in Kentucky? So even though Ohio hosted the Constitution Party Convention our flyers said welcome to Kentucky err... Ohio.

Gotta GoGo!!

Well friends I made it

Hey Gang I am here!!!

Well friends I made it. I set a land speed record for futility. IT TOOK ALMOST 5 HOURS TO GET TO COLUMBUS!

I didn't want to but plans were made for sometime so the GoGo Bus had to be driven in this mess. I have an arrangement with Dan who lives in Columbus and is a member of the Constitution Party. He pays for gas, I pay for the hotel room, he sleeps in the hotel room and I sleep in the GoGo Bus. Don't try to figure it out.

Anyway... I am proud of the way the GoGo Bus handled the snow. I took the fast lane and passed just about everything on the road for once. OK so we were only going 35 but everyone else was below that.

If the heavy snow didn't slow things down enough outside of Wooster all the way past Mansfield every few miles was an accident. Cars in ditches, some going the wrong way. At one point we parked and I had enough time to fix the heater. Thank God for that paper clip I was a wee bit chilled.

So almost 5 hours to get to C'bus and ummm another 4 to get to our hotel outside of Cincinnati because of ill marked signs and bad directions. 

Its 4 30 am and need to wake by 8 30 for the meeting,

more later.....

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Hey Gang,
Sometimes I just hate today's society, OK maybe more than just sometimes. Things have gotten so complicated and rigid. I blame the advance of the computer and the lack of common sense and morals in people for this.

For instance I was at a doctors office cleaning their carpet that is located in a small strip mall the other day. I went to the front of the plaza that is shaped like an L. I wanted to order a pizza from Papa Johns. A lady was standing outside of it talking to a worker inside who barely had the door open. I asked her if they were open and she said only for phone orders and delivery, the time was after 10 p.m. I tried to get the mans attention but after speaking with the lady he briefly looked up just to tell me they were only taking phone orders then quickly locked the door.

So standing in front of Papa Johns window I called the number posted. If that wasn't bad enough I had to listen to their Papa John jingle and message, then I was put on hold while I listened to the phone ring inside repeatedly before the same worker who told me to call walked away from making pizza to grab the phone. There I was standing outside, looking at him and him looking at me while we talked on the phone.

I explained I am cleaning next door and that I wanted a small pizza and if he could please knock on the back door of the doctors office when it is done because we can't use the front door. The back of the stores are all connected in this plaza. He said no we need to use the front door. So I said OK and ordered a small pizza anyway for $7 but he gave me a total of $9.25. I asked why is it that much and not $7 as displayed? He informed me there is a delivery charge. I went back and forth with him how could he charge for delivery when I could grab it from him? He would not budge because he had to charge the delivery price and had to deliver it. I voiced my anger hung up and walked away in disgust without ordering the pizza.

Gripe 2
At the post office I mailed a 6 X 9 envelope. I asked for media rate because it was a book. He asked is there anything fragile, liquid, explosive, or eatable you know the long list they give you. But instead of giving a simple no as in the past you now have to mark a box on an electric key pad stating so. Maybe to some of you its no big deal but to me its another needless senseless step. What is the purpose of this? How many people will admit to having something explosive if they did? And now punching it in on a key pad does that make anymore more honest or our world safer?

Gripe 3
Election ads I wish would just go away. How many ads did all of us hear touting these important facts... I will keep our military strong, bring back jobs, fight for the working family blah blah blah. NO KIDDING! Are we as voters that naive and stupid that they have to campaign on these basics?

I think fast food ads are more honest.

OH well and the beat goes on...

Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Question for you...

Hey Gang,
Question for you.

Who's reunion at the Q was it on Thursday night - Led Zepplin or Lebron James?

I thought it was Led Zeppelin as the Song Remains the Same, then again it could have been Lebron's as the song always remains the same for Cleveland.... another let down.

Oh well that's the way the ball bounces, at least in Cleveland.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Book Signing at Painesville Antique Co-Op

Hey Gang,
November 8th I will be doing a book signing at the Painesville Antique Co-Op from 1:30 till 4.

Also on that day booth 152 will have a 15% off sale.
    Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Concerning the Browns the Question is............

Hey Gang,
Last week they were calling the Browns quarterback Hoyer the Destroyer. Headlines all over exclaimed the Browns arrived.

Catholic Times said No Hail Mary needed Browns win big.

Jewish headlines read Hoyer-vey Browns have a quarterback.

The commissioner of football was screaming there has been an identity theft, this isn't the Browns.

Obama even called and congratulated the team and said I am proud of the Browns but they still need to sign some gay players and a Muslim, or a Gay Muslim would be even better.

This week though after losing to a winless Jacksonville team the question is this: What is shorter in duration Ebola fever or Browns Fever? I'm not certain but this I do know, the whole team should be quarantined to diagnose what is wrong with them.

    Gotta GoGo!!

A Note from Petro Publications


Your book is now available for sale at

Below is a link to the webpage where your book is displayed.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

A review I Received on Amazon

Hey Gang here is a review I received on Amazon.

Carey's book is such a joy to read, especially with all of the bad news we are deluged with every day. It will be loved by all who read it as he has the gift of writing that takes you right along on his adventurous journeys. It is for all ages. Perhaps the younger folks will realize what they are missing. If you have a friend or family member who is a shut in, this would surely delight them as they get to "ride right along" with Carey in his Go Go Bus. Enjoy folks.
    Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Give me three

Hey Gang,
Here is a Hey Gang story.

Wednesday Ruth had an appointment in Chagrin Falls. Before leaving I told her to grab three of my books, I would try selling them while she does her thing.

Chagrin Falls is a terrific little town with all kinds of neat shops. I walked through the village looking for a book store and came upon the Fireside Book Shop, I found out it is the only book store in town.

It is an old school book store. Shelf after shelf crammed with books, mostly new but some old and they boast they can get you just about any book you are looking for.

Anyway, I walk in and ask the lady at the desk if she would be interested in carrying my book. She said I will call the owner Phil and you can ask him. Nice gentleman. He grabbed my book, thumbed through it and told me the commission he would take which I agreed with.

He said OK I will take three. Three! I am so glad you asked for only three and not four because three is all I brought with me.

So its official my book has made it in to a book store. Three copies but its a start.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thank you

 Hey Gang,
 Thank you - thank you - thank you to all that came to my book release party "Hey Gang - Ready to Go-Go?" and sharing in my joy.

 It was a lot of fun!

Upstairs I had the table set up with the books and sitting across from me was my publiisher Michael Petro of Petro Publishing and a seat for who ever bought a book. On the TV I played the trip to Wisconsin with Rich and Dov which I wrote about in the book.

Downstairs we had the food set up and another TV showing the Browns Titans football game.

In all there was 31 of us.

Again thank you - thank you - thank you to all that came!!!!

 NOW.... for those who interested in the book here is the link to purchase it:

That's all for now.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Decision and the Cherry Springs trip

Hey Gang,
I made a decision. What decision? I will tell you.

I haven't been blogging much lately because of concentrating on my book. But I have kept busy writing stories, I just never posted them. So I got to thinking... maybe I shouldn't blog about my travels and experiences any more and just put them in book two. BOOK TWO??? Where is book one??

When I handed the publisher my work he said “WHOA you have enough for two books. What I would recommend is a series of short books no longer than about 100 pages in total.”

So with this material not included in the first book which is about to be released I started planning ahead for book two and book three. Book two and three!!! YES that is ONLY IF interest and sales are that great for book one.

So here's my decision... I will blog to keep my readers interested BUT and I repeat BUT only part of my stories. If a person wants to read the full adventure he would have to buy my books.

What's your thoughts on this plan? Yes terrific, or Carey you have gone batty, you cheap skate?


Hey Gang,
I am back from Cherry Springs State Park which is in Susquehannock State Forest in Pennsylvania.  Cherry Springs is one of the darkest spots on the eastern seaboard. It's so dark astronomers come from all over to star gaze and take photos.

I love trips where nothing is planned but everything works out like they were and that’s how this trip went. The only things planned were seeing the dark park and maybe the Coudersport Ice Mine, other than that we would wing it.  Likewise with the routes. I only jotted down 90 east to 86 east to Olean, New York then head south into Pennsylvania and once there ask for directions. 

 Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. I joked on the way that I hope the darkest spot on the eastern seaboard isn't made even darker by the cloud cover. My sad prediction came true as it was cloudy or rainy for two days of the three day trip. At least the last day coming home was sunny and summer like.

 Our first official stop on the road was a restroom break on Rt. 86 in Chautauqua Lake. This rest area is one of the nicest and most extravagant I've ever seen. Way over the top. The view of Chautauqua Lake is just awesome. You could actually spend an afternoon here picnicking its that nice.

After our break it was back onto Rt. 86 until a road construction detour had the freeway blocked and threw us off and onto Rt. 417 in Salamanca. This actually worked out for the better because 417 runs right into Olean.

 We ate lunch outside of Olean in a little place that was set up more like a house with mismatched chairs and tables. The food was good. I asked our waitress for directions towards Coudersport, Pa.. She tried drawing a map. After a few futile attempts she finally made one that was legible. The cook saw it and said “Forget all that just stay on 417 until 44 and that will get you there”. I felt bad for the waitress so told her I would save her map and hang it on my fridge.

As I mentioned I didn't make much plans for this trip but everything went as if I did. The cooks directions took us right into Coudersport. Once in town we immediately located a grocery store to buy food because we didn't bring any so we could travel light. In the store parking lot I asked a man parked next to me if he knew how to get to Cherry Springs. He did and gave us directions. Then at Cherry Springs there was an unexpected surprise, there was a sign that read Star Party – Public Night.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

stay tuned

Hey Gang,
Just received this...

Thank you for ordering a proof of Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?, Title #4927077. Your order was received and is currently being processed. Your proof will ship shortly. Delivery times may vary depending upon shipping method.

Once you receive your proof, we suggest you review it thoroughly before approving it for distribution.

Best regards,
The CreateSpace Team

  Unless something is drastically miswritten the book is done and should be available shortly. I will be having a book signing party at my place if interested in coming.
    Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rest Area Made for a King

Hey Gang,
Your tax dollars are being flushed - literally.
Recently I stopped at a rest area on Rt. 86 in Chautauqua Lake New York.

Let me tell you... this has to be the most elaborate rest area I have ever been to. It's way over the top.

What's inside of this beautiful structure nicer than a lot of homes? A empty room where pay telephones use to be, a small room for vending machines, another small room with travel brochures and an information desk with more maps and brochures and an attendant to answer questions about tourism or routes. Oh and of course a men's and women's toilet with a family toilet squeezed between.

The outside is equally as nice. Its beautifully landscaped and cared for with a view of the lake that is awesome.  You could actually spend an afternoon here picnicking, its that nice.

I remember years ago most rest areas were sort of park like, a more natural setting, just a parking lot with trees to park under to get some zzzz's. For conveniences there was a hand pump for well water and pit toilets. Yes I do appreciate the more modern flush toilets but come on, are tax dollars really being wisely spent? Wouldn't a plain brick building with toilets get the job done as easily? After all what I am leaving behind is not a prized possession.

I think our taxes are being flushed away.

Gotta GoGo!!

ps: I need to add... it is scary that just about everywhere you go they are removing pay phones. Even the attendant here at the Chautauqua rest area agreed with me that removing them is dangerous. Suppose you have an emergency and you have no service or your cell phone fails with no one around? Now what?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

about my book

Hey Gang,
Met with the publisher and the book is now down loaded.

In a few days will have copies to proof read. 

The book will sell for $9.95 so start saving your pennies.

I know you will want copies for all your neighbors and kin folk everywhere.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

covers that didn't make the cut

Hey Gang, These are the covers that did not make the cut. I came up with this one: Jeff's creation: Jeff has come up with a third one that I am happy with. More than likely that is the book cover so stay tuned. Gotta GoGo!! Carey

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

weekend part 2

Sunday I took out my little plastic fantastic car. My plans were to take ride to anywhere for a cookout. So I decided on Rt.2 to Rt.45 to find a park. But first we stopped at the antique co-op to check on things. All was fine there but over head things looked a bit bleak. Called mom to ask her if there were any warnings blaring on the TV? She said none. Five minutes later she calls back and said wow is it raining now. I was heading east and watching behind me as the storm was trying to play catch up. I didn't want dark clouds to put a damper on things so we stopped at IGA for dinner anyway. I grabbed pork riblets and a tough cut of beef, who can afford a good cut steak anymore? I know I can't like I use to. Fuel was running low so I stopped at a gas station in Ashtabula during a dazzling display of thunder and lightening. A tanker was dispensing gasoline and he shouted to me can you believe those dimwits, I was in Cleveland where I could of filled up but they told me to drive all the way out to Weirton, WV to pick up my load, they are crazy. I said well I don't think either one of us should be around these gas tanks with all this lightening. He yelled back don't worry, if it goes BOOM you nor I will remember it. He had the most terrific accent. I found out he was born in Dublin but when a baby his parents moved here. He was so friendly I gave him my card which just happened to be the only card I had and that was the Constitution Party card. He looked at the card in the rain and said I am all about freedom, I attended rallies in Painesville to stop the illegals – It's not to late to lock the gate! He told a quick political joke, I shook his hand then it was off to try and find a dry spot to cook. I stayed on 45 until I saw Rock Creek. Driving through it I spotted the Rock Creek Rotary Park Sign. It is a very small park with one small shelter, 2 picnic tables and one grill. The highlight though is the creek and falls, just beautiful. We stopped at one more grocery store for some last minute items then the dumpster at Dollar General for some cardboard to start the fire. I am glad I grabbed a large piece as it came in handy. We turned around, headed back to the park and had it to ourselves well at lest for a bit we did. One more photo of a car at the Garrettsville Festival

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

my weekend of June 27 through 29

Hey Gang, What a terrific weekend I had. So terrific I thought I should tell you about it even in the midst of a hundred things going on. I wanted to take a break and have fun this weekend and I did. Friday Ruth, Paul and I went to the Mt. Carmel festival down the street from my house. Its a nice fest, not that big but I get to see neighbors and friends I haven't seen in awhile plus just being out enjoying the weather and sights and sounds of summer is good enough reason to go. Saturday I tidied up the GoGo Bus as best as I could to head to the Garretsville Summerfest. My niece Crystal sent me a list of Ohio events and found it there. Thanks! Ruth and I arrived about 6p.m. with the car show already in full swing. I didn't even know about the show. Vehicles were suppose to register but I just drove around the barricade and was directed where to park. Driving the Bus, which is always a crowd favorite, I usually get Cart Blanche. I was impressed with some of the vehicles at the cruise in, one was an original '37 Lincoln and a highly custom Geo Metro that really got my attention. We parked and took off to walk around main street and check out all the festivities. It is not that large of a town but they had four bands playing at each intersection and one at the church. There was a 50's band, The Gospel Wagon country band that seemed like they were locked in 60's twang, a Heart cover band and four guys playing soft rock, something for everyone. The town is also very scenic with a pedestrian bridge over the falls that run through it. We saw signs everywhere for the chicken dinner at St. Ambrose so we ate there. Let me tell you... that was one delicious chicken dinner with some of the best green beans I ever did eat. Wow. Half a chicken, mashed potato's, green beans, bun, drink and desert for 10 bucks. For an after dinner snack I got a small pizza that was eh average at best. After dinner I stopped at the Portage County Tea Party booth that was humorously placed next to the Democratic booth. I asked the gentleman manning it how many fights has he gotten into? I said I got to take a photo of this so he leaned over into the Dem space and the man sitting there was not too pleased. Maybe he will ask his Democratic politician friends to pass a law to stop such photos. By the time we got back to the Bus the car show died down so I moved it closer to the remaining cars and immediately it got swarmed. I was a little taken aback when this one lady asked can I see in, next thing I know kids were piling in and not coming out. But how can you get mad at giggling kids having fun? I raced back home to catch an hour of the Mt. Carmel festival with Joe and saw a few more people I haven't in awhile. Sunday I took out my little plastic fantastic car....

Friday, June 27, 2014

60th anniversary of a murder that rocked the nation.

 Hey Gang,
Not sure where I should post this, my political or my travel fun blog. I guess on my travel fun blog though it is far from fun, just the connection of who I met on Thursday makes it worthy to be placed here.

This July 4th will mark the 60th anniversary of a murder that rocked not only Cleveland but the nation. This murder even inspired a TV series and eventually years later was made into a movie -The Fugitive.  The murder was of Marilyn Sheppard.

There were many reasons why this gripped the nation. First this was the 50's when this just did not happen in America. Second it happened in an affluent white neighbourhood, Bay Village. Third the brutal nature of how Marilyn was murdered, she was almost unrecognisable from the beating she took. And finally the mystery of who actually did it. Sam her husband was initially convicted but after serving close to 10 years a retrial was held and he was acquitted.

Growing up this murder case was still a big deal. As a kid it fascinated me as it still does. I must have been about 10 when I read the book on the case. I have a box of all the original newspaper clippings on the murder and trial. The intrigue of who done it and what weapon was used still lingers as neither were ever found, the weapon or the murderer. But I can tell you right here who did it and what was used.

I will write in general terms now as I do not want to violate her privacy and or break her trust. But I can write this.
Thursday at a store I spoke with a lady. One talk led to another talk led to I am a relative of Marilyn Sheppard. She told me so much information that I am not even sure of the media knows what she told me. The murder weapon was not a lamp as some suspected. The reason was the room Marilyn was sleeping in did not have electricity. It was an older house. On her nightstand she kept a big flashlight. Thats what she was beaten to death with.

 Here is a link to a similar flashlight.  

Who did the murder? It was the window washer.

This murder did more than take the life of Marylin, it literally consumed and destroyed the family.

Carey Masci

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Part 15 IN summary of Mammoth Cave

IN summary of Mammoth Cave – it is not as live as some other caves I toured. I found sections were not that impressive if I compared it to caves such as Luray Caverns. BUT - please don't get me wrong, it is still something to see.

 On the way to the Mammoth Cave it started to lightly drizzle and by the time the bus brought us back to the welcome center it was raining and never really stopped until late Monday. Before that it was picture perfect weather for the entire trip.

The welcome center has a really nice exhibit set up showcasing the early history of Cave Country and the discovery of the caves. Even if you don't tour the caves the exhibit is worth it. We spent some time looking at the exhibits.

Paul found us. He looked refreshed and ready to go. What ever happened to him it was nothing serious. We were all hungry so it was time to leave and head back for supper.

 Sorry but here is another sad commentary on America.
 In years past one thing you could usually find was quality meat in the little town. The reason is many of the local stores got their meat from the local farmer. For instance when I use to frequent Rocky Fork in Ohio I would always go to this gas station food mart. They had the best little meat counter. All the meat was local. Today it is hard to find the little independent place as in this trip so we found a Save A Lot and went there.

 I was fooled at first by their steaks because they were really cheap. I was about to grab a couple until a closer inspection revealed the meat was from Mexico and it really didn't look the best. I am shocked that in America where we use to have the best beef it has gotten to this point.

We quickly left there and located another grocery store in town that was a little better. I found something in this store that brought a smile and a remembrance of past travels to down south. It was fun to see something left from yesteryear – a hanging smoked ham. Most grocery stores or like places in the Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky region, maybe other states also – I don't know, usually had and I guess still do netted or bagged smoked hams hanging from the ceiling or a pole.
The one I found at this food store was hanging on a pole by laundry soap. In the location it was at it did not look that appealing. Unless the tie is an ad that promises - For that clean smoked ham taste try...

During our search for a grocery store we came upon Tepee Village motel. Talk about a throw back to the old roadside America days. According to their website there was a chain of them. Only 3 now exist. The one in Kentucky dates to 1936.

Because of the time and rain we decided to put our groceries on ice and have
 our last supper at Look Out restaurant.

 I will leave you hanging like a smoked ham and finish this later.

                             Gotta GoGo!!

caves closed

 John from wounded warriors

 rain and rain and a siren


State rep

gas cap