Friday, March 24, 2017

Carey’s Day March 23rd

Sometimes I feel like my life is one continuous Coast to Coast show. Thursday proved it.

I headed to my rental in Euclid to meet a prospective tenant. The interview went OK but there were a few areas of concern.  I was not completely at peace. After the meeting I left for a bite to eat. During the drive to get food I called a few people and asked their opinion. Ruth said pray about it, Eliot the same and Paul said go with your gut feeling.

I accidentally passed the entrance to the restaurant so took the street after it and thought I would just loop around. I mindlessly drove the length of the street while missing a few side streets that would have led back to the place I wanted to go. As I went to turn around I spotted a restaurant I never been to before. So instead of my first choice I decided to get something to eat there.

I asked the man what do you have cheap, I just want a snack. He recommended something and I said fine that’s what I want. Right now I will omit the name of the restaurant as this story is still unfolding. He asked how my day was going. I replied been real busy at my rental cleaning and painting it. OH yeah, well I am looking for a place. With that I made a more formal introduction and gave him my contact info. He turned out to be the owner. I said I believe in divine connections and this seems like one. He agreed. We made tentative plans to meet later.

I may as well add this bit to my story though it has little to do with it. As I approached the parking lot where my van was a car pulled in and parked next to it. Out came a boy and his mother. For what reason I am not sure but the boy stopped and just stared at the back of my van. He looked mesmerized and so solemn. Not the look a little boy should have. I conjectured it must be the Trump bumper sticker. I am sure by now you guessed the color of the boy and no - it’s not yellow or white. His mom then got out and as I neared my van I said loudly you like Trump? Trump’s great isn’t he? The mom just laughed and laughed as she walked away. The boy never changed his expression. Weird.

So back to the rental to continue working. I wrapped things up about 7 not paying much attention to the constant blaring of sirens. Maybe I got a bit hardened who knows. Monday while working on the same house I look out the window and noticed my neighbor outside peering down the street. I said what’s up? Look! OH that’s why the sirens. Cops were surrounding a house with guns drawn. I go back to painting.

Anyway… back to Thursday. I leave and cop after cop car go zooming past me and then a hook and ladder screams by. That’s when I noticed that’s the street my other rental is on. I start thinking wonder if it is my rental… it could be my rental… hey it is my rental what the hey is going on? The street was blocked so I pulled in a neighbors drive to look and sure enough there are cops with guns drawn leaning up against my house. Another patrol car skids to a stop; a policeman jumps out with his assault rifle and loads it on the run. Instead of sticking around I decide to go home to eat, big deal, swat, police surrounding my house, guns and weapons drawn, I’ll watch the news, I am going to eat, hmm maybe I am hardened.

That was about 7:15 pm, at 9pm I return to my rental that I was painting but not before passing by my other rental house. A huge van marked mobile crime unit or something like that along side of multiple cruisers with lights flashing were still blockading the street.

I leave the scene. My cell rings it is the owner of the restaurant. Hello are you at the house? I am pulling in right now. OK I see you. Talk about timing, he was right behind me, hmmmm!

He looks at the house, loves it and is anxious to move in. After he left the neighbor next door comes out and asks hey is that your house being surrounded on the street over? We thought they got Shawn. NO, Shawn is in Columbus but I will be finding out shortly what is happening, I am heading over there. I proceed to tell my neighbor about the man I just met and whom I may rent the house to. He said really, I know that guy. His daughter was excited and said yay Dad will have a friend living next door. Another hummina moment.

Paul then drops by for a visit. I said let’s take a ride and see what is going on. We had to park down the street and walk. I received clearance from the cops so I could get to my house. I pound on the door. My tenant just about poops himself as he thought it was the cops. He tells me about 7:15 or so he just stepped out of the shower when he heard repeated BANGS, about 8 gun shots in total. That’s all he knows.

Thank God my tenant is safe but my neighbor well he may be dead. He is such an excellent neighbor always keeping an eye on my house and informing me whenever he sees something out of the ordinary. Let’s pray he survives.

I will update this as I find out more. Until then….
Gotta Go-Go!

At the same time the shooting in Euclid happened a shooting occurred in Beachwood. I watched the news but didn’t see any reporting of the incident in Euclid but all channels had the Beachwood story. Guess which is the upscale city?
After 8 years of the vilest US president ever our streets in America are cesspools of violent Godless thugs. Sad!

Update 3-25-17
OK I received conflicting updates on the shooting incident and my weird Thursday sort of spilled over into Friday.

First the update:
The lady across the street said when she heard the shooting she got on the floor but her neighbor watched it go down. This is the report I received second hand. XXX (the neighbor next door to my rental) was shooting as he was backing up into his house and then slammed the door. It seemed as if he was almost firing at people fleeing six doors down. She thinks he was shooting at his friend. XXX is OK but he killed one and two others are critically hurt.
But my tenant told me: XXX was killed along with one other and another was seriously wounded. The police are looking for two suspects who fled.
That’s all I have.

One other interesting tidbit concerning yesterday’s shootings in Euclid and Beachwood. Both occurred at almost the same time and the victim in Beachwood is from Euclid.

So how did my Friday go?  OK except for a Dollar General incident.

 I was leisurely shopping, don’t most people when at Dollar General? I was in the snack aisle. I was going past the next aisle when I spotted a lady stuffing candy in her purse. I busted her and made sure she knew it. I said Hey! She gave me a smug look and showed me a bag of candy as if to say it’s only this. I said you’re stealing? She replied this doesn’t concern you.

The back and forth then went like this: Sure this concerns me. Move along it doesn’t. Sure it does. Mind your own business. Each reply from both of us got louder.

She then removed the bag and said now get away from me and mind your own business. At this point the manager came over to see what is going on. I said loudly this woman is stealing. I put it back and this is none of his business. Get away from me before I thump you. You stealing and now threating me? Are you? So what - this does not concern you. You bet it concerns me, your stealing affects me. Wait till you step outside I am going to beat your white ass! OH so now it’s a white and black issue, well it isn’t, it’s a right and wrong issue.

By now we were really loud, yelling loud. I went to the register and she was still jawing and said again I am waiting for you to step outside. And she did, she stood outside the door waiting.

The managers thanked me though I was a bit upset at them that they didn’t do more since I was threatened in their store. Another worker explained what could we do, we could be charged since she put the stuff back, we couldn’t hold her. I excused myself from the line and went to the back of the store to call the police.

I explained to the dispatcher what was going on and that they should send a car because I have an attitude, a real bad attitude and if I step outside there will be an altercation as I am going to defend myself, understand I will defend myself.

Hey a woman is a woman until she acts like a man then she is my equal and I will take her out as I would take out any man that violates my personal space or causes bodily harm. Period.

Anyway back to the register. I repeated to the cashier my white ass, I am so tired of this racist crap, this has nothing to do with black vs. white. The cashier who was black said I agree this race card has been over played.

One manager went outside, came back in and said she left. I was thanked again.

After my blood pressure dropped I laughed thinking about that woman. Here is a woman about the age of 35 or so with a shopping cart filled and yet she is stuffing candy into her purse. CANDY! Kids steal candy, from a grown woman, CANDY, this is nuts.

Obama should feel proud.