Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KIm Davis 2

Hey Gang,
I will try to write this as more as a what happened rather than add my political thoughts though it is hard.

We woke on time for once. The jail is just a short drive from Days Inn. We saw church buses so just followed them figuring that's where they were heading, we were correct. People were are already standing alongside the road protesting when we arrived about noon. Most had signs, one dressed in a sackcloth and was using a megaphone to preach. They directed us to the jail parking lot. It was lined with rangers on the left, the side of the detention center. On the right was the media and a taped off section where the protesters were allowed. Firefighters and volunteers were kind and cordial directing us to our spots. Everyone was top notch. The rangers were stiff and not overly talkative, they were there to do a job and not let on how they felt. We parked, gathered our belongings and headed towards the crowd of about a 100 or so.

It hit me once I got out of my van walking past the jail. You can actually hear it in my voice in the video I recorded of the event. I had to quit talking and gain my composure. I almost teared up. While everyone was having a great time this holiday a woman is sitting in jail locked up like a dog. Did you hear me? Locked up. Once more LOCKED UP! It hit me hard. An American is being jailed in her homeland just like in the communist countries we fought so hard to conquer and spread freedom. America is now the monster. Do you really understand this?

It was blazing hot out, mid 90's or higher. Pastor Malinda broke out in a sweat setting up her gear for the podcast. I ran to buy a towel so she could wipe her face. Nothing was nearby so I took a long walk to the corner drugstore. On the way to the store I spoke with just about all the protesters lined up along the road. One couple drove in from Kansas, one from Texas, another from Florida, Ohio churches, Tennessee and of course Kentucky. According to one man, Parker who has been protesting for a few days, has met people from all over the US.

The strangest encounter I had was with an elderly couple with a young girl, I assume their granddaughter. They walked towards me. He looked confused then asked are they selling hot dogs down there? I said no, there are no food vendors, did you drive in also for the protest, I am from the Cleveland, Ohio area. The old lady said why don't you guys just leave, get the hell out of here, you are ruining our town, we don't need this. I replied quit making this so personal, quit thinking about yourself, this is not ruining your town this is ruining America. The old man said hey they ruled on it, its the law of the land. I brought up the Constitution and he said I know all about the Constitution. His wife grabbed his arm and said come we don't need to argue with him. She angrily looked at me and said just leave us alone, get out.

I met Kim Davis's attorney from the Liberty Counsel. According to him they have 10 attorneys working on Kim's case around the clock, 24 hours a day, it is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. They are doing all they can to free her.

Just about everyone in attendance gets it, they understand how big of deal this is. Many are disgusted of the Republican Party and most seem as if they have left the party. A gentleman from Virginia told me as I was passing out Constitution Party flyers and badges that he voted for Virgil Goode and is barely hanging on to his support of Rand Paul. He would never vote for Cruz, Jindal or Rubio because of their parents.

Ohio Constitution Party Chairman Shrader's badge that says: To govern your life, read the Bible; To govern your country, read the Constitution. was an easy give away. I ran out of those in no time.

A close by resident was an opportunist and had posted in his yard – Parking $10. Across from the protesters was a counter protest of two disheveled girls with neon hair and their male friend. That's all. It was an unusual event, for lack of better words, with a somber mood but energized crowd. We waited until the open invitation to anyone wanting to preach or say a word ended. The crowd then marched from the parking lot to the corner about a half mile away and back. Some passed out water I offered paper towels to wipe. The street preacher with the megaphone when offered a water said he had one but then changed his demeanor and yelled to the two girl across the street hey you want a water? They refused. Then we left.

Melinda wasn't too happy that I took the old RT 60 through Ky and WV instead of the freeway. We couldn't agree on a place to eat. Rosie's on RT 60 was closed as well as all of the small independent restaurants and you know me unless an emergency I don't eat fast food or corporate establishments. She opted for a pizza place while I ran to grab dinner at a grocery store.

I spotted a scenic little park overlooking the Kanawha River called the St. Albans Roadside park, how 'bout that! There was a grill with some hot coals left which I mixed with paper and sticks. I threw the Western style beef ribs with Worcestershire Sauce, salt, pepper and olive oil on along with a can of corn heated with olive oil. OH and KFC mash potatoes and gravy. HUH? Well I guess I will eat fast food if given to me. The couple sitting at the next table offered the potatoes to us. How could I refuse? I added the gravy right on top of the ribs. Beef, corn, mashed potatoes, YUM!