Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wednesday the 4th of May

Hey Gang,
So what did I Carey Masci decide to do on Wednesday the 4th of May?

This question was posed on Facebook:
OK help me choose. I have an opportunity tonight to attend 2 closed intimate events. One is a dress up $125 plate dinner and the other is dust off the ole leather and listen to a private jam session with a well-known legendary local artist. Which do I attend?

And the responses were – 9 for the leather clad event and 3 for the dress up $125 plate dinner.

Yes you sure can learn a lot from Facebook and I learned my friends are into leather and jam. Um something like that.
So which did I attend? The dinner… I was hungry, really hungry for some beyond delicious gourmet food with wine that was all you could eat and drink. What was better than that? The venue where the event was held - the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum.

You got to mingle with the crowd, enjoy gourmet food and wine while looking at cars. My what a great time. I over ate on the food and under drank on the wine. I was worried that too much wine and I may have tried driving one of those cars. Nothing worse than getting a DUI indoors.

After we had our fill, Michael Smith and I headed home. I noticed hey it is still early Mike we are going to the jam session. And we did. Nothing like killing two events with one suit.

Now I can’t mention where this was held because it was not an open event. But the crowd was way more down to earth. There were some Angels in attendance, not the ones who ride on clouds but on bikes. But I sure can tell you who the performers were, Glenn Schwartz and Butch Armstrong. Man these guys are talented, old school guitar playing at its finest.
Both still play out on occasion and if you never seen them just go. They won’t disappoint.

We hung out for a bit and enjoyed the music.
Leaving was fun. I got a few looks walking in but even more so walking out. I was dressed in an all-black tux/suit and shoes with a plain button up dress shirt and Mike dressed similar. I am sure they had to think what they hey are these guys doing here, is it the feds or the men in black? They may never know it was just me, oh well.

Some people wish for one event, I can say I was blessed to do both. And now you know how my Wednesday the 4th of May went. How did yours go?

Gotta GoGo!

My camera went on the fritz earlier at the Silverspoon event so no pictures were taken unfortunately but here are a few links to look at,