Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend of the 16th and Lisa's message

Hey Gang,
I'm slowly getting caught up to date, this is about the weekend of the 16th.
Have you ever planned something and have everything just click and go smoothly? Have you ever wanted to share something with a friend or loved one knowing how wonderful or good it would be for them? I experienced both the weekend of August 16th.
I sent out an email asking who wanted to go camping or possibly a beach outing. The beach plans fell apart but Mark called asking if I wanted to go to Salt Fork and camp with his family. I agreed but was reluctant and just not really into it. In fact it wasn't until late Friday I finally told him I was going.
But before then, about mid week, I was talking to Lisa trying to help her through a rough time, a lot of changes going on in her life. I can't write all what we discussed but this is a very shortened version, and yes Lisa I need to put the part where I was stern with you. I told her what your problem is you don't want things to change, you are going back to your problems. So what was my finally advice to her? You need to go camping this weekend with us! Most people would of said lets meet at the bar so we can talk, or lets go to church, not me - lets go camping. It sort of reminded me of when I met Shirl and took her camping but thats another story.
Maybe some of you don't understand but to me camping is thee best place to clear your head and do some serious thinking. Especially late at night going for a walk, the air, the stars, the night sounds of the insects and animals, its so serene and beautiful. I just knew this would do Lisa wonders to be away from everything for a few days and wanted so badly for her to experience this. Plus the clincher was Lisa has children close in age to Mark & Becky's, it would be perfect for everyone. I love Mark & Becky's kids, had to throw that in. And it did turn out as I envisioned. Even though we never went on a hayless hay ride everyone had a blast and Lisa was able to have some quiet time to put things into perspective. I want to thank Mark & Becky again not only for the invite but also for the hospitality, allowing us to be part of their family and extending a helping hand to a friend in need. Thats how Mark & Becky are, though they never met Lisa
they accepted her and her children as one immediately.
NOW the really good part. Lisa had a miracle if you would call it that. You know what, instead of rewriting her words she said I could forward on what happened when she got home. So here's Lisa's story.

"I drove home full of all sorts of things to go over in my head. Thinking and worring and laughing and crying. I was sort of worried about the money I spent and thought I'd figure out something later. I had to go on this trip. I'm praying on it all the way home along with tons of other things thanking GOD for you and for the way my kids enjoyed themselves and such. I come home to my darling Emily she runs out to greet us I pour the coffee she made me and start to tell her all about our adventure. As I am talking to her, I check the mailbox. I received two very very important pieces of mail the first one I recognized immediately! The second letter was from St Luke's School. I figured it was a bill...tuition payments start soon. It was a check! A check, not a bill. Do you believe in miracles Carey? I do. The check was enough to cover what I spent this weekend with $20.00 left to get a few things we are out of here. I called my mom
immediately. Hi mom...I'm home safe....wanna hear a story. Proceeded to tell her about the wonderful weekend I had and why I HAD TO GO and then broke down sobbing when I got to the part about the check! It was like a sign from GOD that going this weekend was the right thing, the only thing,(the predestined thing??) to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had my back all along. The check was mailed before I decided to go. He just had you help my decide to go. I still cry now thinking about it."

You just can't plans things like that, you just have to follow the inner voice in you and all will go well.

Now I am caught up, I guess I could write about last weekend in Presque Isle which was a blast but the holiday weekend is upon us and I need to take off to kentucky to drive Millard back home. Hope everyone has a terrific holiday.

Your Friend Always,
Gotta GoGo!!

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends of August 9Th & the 16Th

Hey Gang,
I best get started with my telling of the weekends of the 9Th and 16Th because another weekend is here and I am off to Presque Isle in the morning and probably will come back with more tales, besides there is an important message from Lisa that needs to be passed along.
Soooooooooo lets begin with the weekend of the 9Th because I want you to meet someone, Dennis's grandfather, Dan. But first let me set it up. Life is strange, I haven't seen Dennis since about late 2005 when he disappeared, people do that who live in the Cleveland area. Then in a span of a week I spent a couple of week days with him and then the weekend. He invited me out to Cory, Pa. for a car show. Dov and I stayed in the Bus, Millard slept in the spare bed room. Immediately I knew I would like Dennis's grandpa judging by color of the rooms, turquoise, just like the interior of the Bus, how go-goish is that!
The car show was held at Meade Park. A wonderful park with a museum on the grounds, a small petting zoo and different pavilions and shelter houses. Very nicely laid out for a day of picnicking and relaxing. We got there on time to register and as with most places I take the GoGo Bus it got all kinds of Oooos & Ahhhs and WHAT THE HECK IS IT? The registration table was excited that someone as far away as Cleveland would attend their little town car show.
I thought for sure I would be a lock for a trophy as I thought Dennis's Grandpa Dan's '56 VW would be a for sure. Nope to both. Almost all car shows you always know who is going to win. Its always some kind of muscle car. As much as I like them, its boring seeing the same cars take home trophies. In the best Mopar a '64 Plymouth GTX won it. And in the best import that had us all stunned was a mid 90's Mitsubishi! How does a rare '56 VW that was ordered direct from Germany lose to that? Not being conceited but judging by the amount of people by the Bus it had to win. I spoke with one of the members of the association who helped put on the car show and even he said, I didn't do the judging, I would of voted for your Dodge. In no particular order I thought for sure these cars would walk away with something. Well in a way I did win something, I won the raffle, a free bottle of tire shine and when I was out getting a burger they called me to the stage. I went up there and the guy said its not for a trophy and a lady added here's an event t-shirt, thanks so much for driving out. A consolation prize, I guess.
Here's the cars I thought should of won: a beautiful four door '64 Buick Electra, the GoGo Bus, Grandpa's '56 VW, early '50's Packard and a '77 Mercury Bobcat wagon that was in excellent condition. All those are unique and you just don't see a lot of them.
After the show we went back to Dennis's house and I got to spend some time with Grandpa Dan. A very talented guy. I don't think there is much he can't do. He showed me a photo album of different charity house projects he was sent on through his church. He helped rebuild houses after Katrina, on Indian reservations and others. All charity work, wish I could remember the organization and the church he attends. But even more impressive is his carvings. He has cases of things he carved. My favorites, which I have enclosed photos of, is the pirate and the birds. His also has a sense of humor. See if you can guess what the photo titled "what is it" is. He gave me his card, it reads: WOODCARVINGS BY DAN MORGAN. We had a nice long conversation about politics, his charity work and other topics, a friendly person with a lot of hospitality. Thanks Dennis again for the invite, we all enjoyed ourselves, even during the cheesy movie at the drive in in the rain.
I best get to bed, Erie, Pa is calling me. Next email is the camp out with Mark & Becky and the Melissa's and maybe I can squeeze in Lisa's message.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My week part 5 and the weekends of August 9Th & the 16Th

Hey Gang,
This is part 5 of my week that happened way back in July to August first which seems so long ago and anticlimactic that I will cut it short. And also since then, other fun and important things have taken place. But what the heck I will just roll in the closing of this story right along with the weekends of August 9Th and the 16Th.
See, I was going to write about my whole experience at the Verizon store, which I still may but in another email. That was one crazy experience and part of the hectic week but will wait on that. What I will include though for you to read is the cute letter Little Jimmy, Walt's son, left me when I stayed in his room to watch their house. It reads: "Carey here is the info you need to use my room. The stuffed animals are on my trunk feel free to use them. The alarm clock is past the dresser the instruction booklet is behind it. Only change the alarm time, you can use the alarm I will put it back. If you make a mess clean it." Well... I thought it was cute.
So anyways before leaving to pick up Millard that Friday, which I was suppose to be there by 2 pm but didn't arrive until 3 am Saturday, Jeff had arranged for me to pick up the cell phone he got me. What a friend you are Jeff, can't say thank you enough. He planned it perfectly so I would have the cell in time for the ride to Kentucky. And yes I needed it. Not only because I got lost but I have to admit, talking to Lisa from Erie made a stretch of road fly by.
The getting lost part was this, in March coming home from Kentucky I took a shortcut home. It was a new route that just opened. Heading there this time I tried remembering it in reverse which is hard enough but what made it even more difficult was I forgot my map and it was dark. I mean dark, REAL DARK, and in the middle of no where, nothing but trees and mountains. So I pulled off the road and called Jeff M. who is a trucker and asked where ya at? In Georgia. Good pull out your at atlas and HELP. I found out I was really close to where I wanted to be so no big deal. Yeah I know this new phone has GPS which Jeff wanted me to have but hey give me a break one modern gadget at a time. This year is the cell phone, next year maybe I will learn how to use more than the call feature. Besides with a cell phone all I need to do is call Jeff and scream help.
I better stop now because you guys yell when I write to much in one sitting so next email it will be about August 9Th and 16TH weekends.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My week part 4

Hey Gang,
Haven't heard from many of you lately. Guess everyone is out and about trying to cram in the last few weeks of the summer. BUT there is life out there! Becky wrote and shouted:
"my week part 3 ,...where is 4 - you ever gonna tell us how the cat died?"

Well glad you asked, my weeks have been running into each other and can't keep up BUT thats all you had to do - just ask.
So it was Wednesday July 30 and in between the timing belt change, the phone ringing and trying to figure out the cleaning for Marlenes is when the phone rings yet again with Mom on the other end all frantic, "Carey Gracie is dieing!" I calmed her down and said use my credit card and rush her to the vet. She quickly explained that they couldn't find the cat all last night. About 3 in the afternoon when Mom went out to water the plants she saw Gracie crouched down in the grass. Mom at first thought she was on the prowl for something. But as Mom got closer she noticed right away Gracie was dieing. Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open and she was gasping for air. Dad thought maybe she was just over heated so they threw cold water on her. Nothing.
They get to the vet and the prognosis was not good, Gracie was poisoned. They gave her IV's in hopes of flushing out the toxins. The vet said take her home, maybe by chance the IV's will work if not bring her to the emergency and she will have to be put down. Mom calls about 9 with the somewhat good news that there is a chance Gracie will make it and with her tail wagging it's a good sign so they thought.
At 10 Mom calls yet again CAREY WE NEED TO GET GRACIE TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM SHE IS DIEING. The folks and my sister said Gracie threw her head way back, gave the most hideous meow with her eyes rolled back and her body completely limp. We found out the toxin had shut down her central nervous system and caused sever brain damage, the tail wagging was involuntary. We had no choice but to put her down.
I searched the yard and found nothing so not sure if some SOB did this or if she got into something. The vet wanted to run tests to find what kind of poison but it's very expensive. I would of loved to of known but just didn't have the extra money.
How sad a cat so full of spunk had to die like this. The last time I saw Gracie was Tueday night about 10 when I was leaving for Walt's. She plopped a dead mouse down at my feet and meowed showing off her gift to me.
I do have to apologize to all the cat lovers out there. Never really having a cat but always having dogs I never realized how much fun and a companion they can be, especially this one. My neighbors tossed Gracie out when their son went into the service. It would stray into the yard but would never come up to me. But one night while working in the garage she jumped on my back and stayed there like a fur collar while I did my work. It was then we adopted her. We still miss her.
Speaking of sad pet news I have to include Shirl and what happened to her little pooch Heidi sometime on Saturday. Heidi snuck out of the house and was struck by a car and killed. Shirl I am extremely sorry and know how you are feeling. Pets become family members and as I say dogs are like little kids in fur coats who never grow up.
I will finish part 5 when I get the chance.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Week part 3

Hey Gang,
I am at the part of the story where I was going to write about how my cat died, instead I am going to jump way ahead to yesterday since it was so wonderful, then I will backtrack.
I met with Lisa of Erie at Geneva on the Lake. First time I have seen her in years. Even though she needed a friend to talk about a pressing issue in her life the day was just fabulous. Perfect weather, setting, just a gorgeous day. I drove the Bus to meet her since it was way early for me, this way afterwards I planned on going to the park to relax and nap. The life of Reilly huh? But I never did make it to the park, on my way to getting a burger I was sidetracked. I peaked in a store on N. Broadway in Geneva and a lady hollered COME ON IN! How can Carey refuse an invite like that so I did. The store was called "Wood N Toy Stuff", all kinds of toys and gadgets with the theme of the store being toys before batteries. These ladies were so friendly and amusing. I almost got the impression that it didn't matter if they sold anything. They were enjoying their handiwork and each other's company. This is why I try to skip the corporate store as
much as possible. What you may save on money you miss out on the personal friendly service the little store gives.
I saw a beaded necklace similar to the one bought in Hawaii that I lost. I tried it on but it was a bit to long. So Judy said I can make it shorter. I thought she would just shorten the one that was picked out, nope, she strung up a new one for me. As I was waiting for the necklace to be made, Taffy explained what this odd looking game was. It was ladder ball and she challenged me to two rounds of it. I was then invited to sit back and relax in this old rocking chair that their one friend claimed as her seat. The rocking chair was from the early 1800's and if I remember correctly it was Taffy's great great grandfathers. As I was rocking back and forth listening to them giggle and make jokes we got to talking.
Judie who was making my necklace asked where I was from. She said so am I from Wickliffe and starting asking do you know this person and that person. I found out she lived in the old Willis house which is really neat. Recently Matt Jaworski one of the councilman for Wickliffe told me of this blighted house sitting vacant for years. I drove by the place and never knew it was there because of all the trees and bushes hiding it. I asked Jeff M. if he knew about this house. He said oh yeah my brother and I were in it, the Willis's owned it.
Judie went on to tell me some of the history. The house was part of a bigger estate. It was started in 1860, completed in 1866. Her parents bought it in 1950. Judy wanted to have it registered as an historical place to save the house but it was her mothers wishes after leaving for it to be sold and razed. It was in need of renovation anyways. It had water heat and one winter while it was sitting empty they forgot to turn off the water and all the pipes froze and did major damage. As she was telling me this she teared up over memories of the house and her family.
My necklace was complete and it was time for me to go but I was leaving with more than just a necklace, I was leaving with some great memories that I know I will look back on. If you are in the area go visit them and sit in the ole rocking chair, relax and take it all in.
The name of the store once more is WOOD N TOY STUFF by Judie Otto and daughter Lyn and her friend Taffy's jewelry she sells is called Accent by DeWolfe. 10 N. Broadway, Geneva, Ohio.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last week part 2

Hey Gang,
Where was I? Oh yeah I was talking about the other reunion. I received a letter from Lisa of Erie, Pa. the Saturday before. Lisa I met years ago at a restaurant she worked at. Gosh the name of the place skips me, if I think hard enough I can pull it out. Anyways I was flirting with her and asked Hey want to get married? My friends thought I was batty but Lisa came back and gave me her address. We wrote back and forth for quite a few years until she got married. And no not to me. Last time we were in touch was briefly about 2001. She emailed and called Wednesday in the middle of the timing belt war. It was so good to hear from her. Lisa has a personal problem and some decisions to make so keep her in your prayers.
While feeling elated with Lisa emailing and calling, excited to see Dennis, then worried with whats going on with Kristine, she calls kind of disheveled needing to talk, on to panicking because I forgot about Marlene's, and finally having the wind knocked out of me with Mom calling almost in tears "Carey Gracie is dieing!!!!" WOW what a roller coaster. Gracie is my cat, should say was my cat. Fergie! I believe thats it, Fergie, the place Lisa worked at.
I need sleep its been an incredible 2 weeks of nonstop.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last week part 1 - my apology to Marlene

Hey Gang,
What a week it was last week! First I need to apologize to Marlene at Stitch & Screen. I was suppose to clean for her on Thursday and wasn't able to make it. Unless I am deathly sick as I was in late March of this year or there is some unfortunate circumstance that pops up I never skip or cancel a scheduled job. So again I want to make sure you know Marlene I sincerely apologize for not showing to get your house ready for your party, after reading this you'll understand. While I'm talking about Marlene, check out her website at She makes all the GoGo merchandise and the shirts for my cleaning business. Quality work!!!!! I've known Marlene and her family since about '96 so order with confidence, her work is A1!
So why was I running around like a nut last week? It was planned four months prior Walt's vacation and that he wanted me to watch and take care of his place, also planned for months was Millard's visit which I had to drive down to Ky to pick him up on Friday. Then about 2 weeks ago I scheduled Marlene's and of course my regular weekly accounts needed to be done. What wasn't scheduled is my tenant moving out, he was nice enough to leave the gas and electricity on for 10 days so I could clean the place HAD to take advantage of that, my timing belt needed to be replaced before the long trip to Ky and my cat dieing. To make matters even more hectic, besides help with the timing belt, I was running solo all last week.
The timing belt on the Lil Daewoo took way longer than we thought, a day and half longer. Not much info on the car and parts are almost as easy to get as parts for an Edsel. But the car is worth it. 34 MPG worth it. Before I never got over 32 mpg. With the new belt that Dennis installed correctly I got a little over 34. The previous owner had the belt a tooth off on the crank this made a huge difference.
Last week was also a reunion week. Dennis whom who I haven't seen in close to three years came over to work on the Daewoo. I contacted him about two weeks ago and asked where ya been and do you still work on cars? Dennis is the one that invited me to Vegas with him to see the Academy of Country Music Awards show in '04. What a memorable trip. He ended up staying for two days until he finished the job on the Daewoo and since he was on a roll he fixed my lawn mower. It was kind of funny. After he left we were horrified. His vehicle left a huge oil slick in Walt's drive. We thought he would never make it back to Cory, Pa. He emailed when he got home and said he stopped over Rich's and picked up a deep fryer he left there when he lived in town. The fryer tipped over and oil leaked out of his car door onto the drive. A cooking oil slick we can live with, wouldn't want the EPA to declare Walt's house a brown spot.
The other reunion was with.......

Gotta GoGo!!