Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Checking in with everyone

Hey Gang,
Checking in with everyone to tell you aliens and the pc police didn't get me, at least not yet.  Some of you are on both of my lists, political and personal so you know whats been happening, for those who are on just one list... 

I went back doing what I use to do, I opened a booth along with Joe at the http://www.craftandantique.com/, hoping to finally liquidate the stuff I have had in storage since the mid 90's when I ran an antique shop.  I need the space, could use a few extra bucks and tired of feeding the mice.  BOY OH BOY did they do damage.  Chewed old clothes, I had some from the 40's still with the tags on them, old mags, books, toys they did real damage..

The other thing I have been spending time on is my cleaning business, making a simple website and a flyer for it.  This is what I have so far.  http://janitorialservicescleveland.com/

And keeping busy being Chairman for Lake County of the Constitution Party of Ohio.  I was just interviewed on an internet radio station.  Its a challenge.

Of course did a few day trips and fun events.  Ruth, Paul and I went to Indian Point the last nice sunny fall day to see leaves, we went all the way out past Medina to hear a lecture on Saturn at some small country park in the middle of no where.  A few trips to Deerfield Circle Antique Mall where I have a shelf set up, Kinuza Dam in Pa. and a really fascinating experience at the historic St. Stephens Church in Cleveland to hear a talk on the stigmata.  It still has me thinking.  Soon I will try to organize an outing to see some of these gorgeous churches.  I better hurry as so many are closing down.

Finally, this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, in case you couldn't figure it out.... I have a group outing planned to Amish country to see a live nativity parade in Berlin, Ohio and do some shopping.  Anyone care to go email back so I can give details.  Should be a swell time.

    Gotta GoGo!!