Monday, November 16, 2020

Conclusion of the Arizona trip

Hey Gang,
When you do a blitz of a road trip as I did it all gets blurred and confusing. 4 days there, 3 days home so yes it is a blur.
Final numbers are: Fort Smith Arkansas to home is 15-hrs 30-mins, 987 miles. I traveled it in 19 hours, that was including gas, toilet, snacks and supper.

Stretches of the area I drove through are a pickers paradise. The covid blues have really done a number on so many of these towns that were in hardship before. Building after building is shuttered. Motels, restaurants, gas stations are spray painted or just left decaying.
As far as covid, nothing is making sense. Some of the motels I stayed at were not serving breakfast because of the covid. We were told go next door to Denny's or Waffle House. Why can these places serve meals but not the motel?
Anyway... I was excited to eat dinner with someone I met on Facebook. Driving through Amarillo stopped and ate with Michael S.. The section of the city we were in is swamped with corporate places. We eventually found a small independent Mexican restaurant. Very good dinner, excellent conversation.

After that I motored onward to Van Buren Arkansas and stopped there for the night. In the morning I started the long trek home, 19 hours. 

Hit the road around 11:30 am and arrived home about 6:30 am. Not bad timing considering I got lost, ate supper, stopped numerous times for gas and restroom breaks.

And wouldn't you know it, the whole week I was on the road was cool. Since I was heading north to home the last day I put on a sweatshirt. The day started cool, 57 but warmed up to 69 in Missouri. The last day of the trip and now the weather warmed!

My last stop was in James, Missouri for supper. I saw a faded sign for Country Bob's Diner that made me exit.  It turned out to be a fantastic dining experience. I felt more like I was at someones house eating with friends rather than a restaurant. The buffet was delicious. It was smoked meat night.  Country Bob's is definitely an oasis for the road weary traveler. 

4 days there and 3 days home. What a road trip
Enjoy the photos. 

Gotta Go-Go!

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